November 28, 2023
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The 8 Best Restaurant Website Builders in 2024 [Compared and Ranked]


There are a lot of website builders, but not all of them are optimized for building a restaurant website.

You need to think about the costs, how easy it is to customize the website, and what kind of tools they have available for the restaurant industry.

Also, does the website builder provide AI tools? That's another thing to consider. 

Durable helps you generate a unique restaurant website in 30 seconds by leveraging the power of AI. 

This list breaks down the top 8 restaurant website builders for 2024 to help you make an informed decision.

Best Restaurant Website Builders

  1. Durable
  2. BentoBox
  3. GloriaFood
  4. Wix
  5. Shopify
  6. Squarespace
  7. WordPress
  8. Popmenu

Let’s look at each of the website builders in depth.

#1: Durable

Durable AI website builder helps you set up your restaurant website in 30 seconds without needing any technical skills.

The advantages of building your restaurant website with Durable include:

  • Fast website loading
  • It looks good on all devices, like smartphones and tablets
  • Easy for your customers to use

Fast load times are crucial when potential customers browse online for a place to eat. If your website is slow or difficult to navigate, you risk losing those customers. Durable ensures that won't happen.

A load time of more than 10 seconds increases the bounce rate by 123% compared to a one-second loading speed.

Durable generates a website with copy and images optimized for the restaurant industry. Remember, you get the freedom to edit and personalize the website to your liking.

Durable Features and Benefits

  • Quick Restaurant Website Setup
  • Restaurant-Optimized Sections
  • Customizing Your Menu List
  • Invoicing Tool
  • Google Ad Writer

1. Quick Restaurant Website Setup

Our quick setup process is uniquely streamlined, offering a step-by-step guide. In three easy steps, you’ll have your website ready.

On our Durable landing page, click “Generate your website”

Next, add your business type (input restaurant or, more specifically, pizza restaurant if it’s a pizza restaurant).

Next, add your location to help us localize your website. We’ll also integrate a map of your location on your website to help those customers who want to visit your premises.

Lastly, enter your business name. If you don’t have one, you can use our business name generator tool. Click on “See some suggestions” to access our generator tool.

Your site will look professional and polished, even if it only took a few minutes to set up.

2. Restaurant-Optimized Sections

You can add specially designed sections crucial for a restaurant website. 

For example, you can add an "Opening Hours" section to your homepage, displaying the daily times you are open for business.

You can also add a "Menu List" section that shows your offerings and adjust it to show daily specials or seasonal items.

Adding sections to your restaurant website with Durable

Having a website with sections tailored for a restaurant gives your customers the information they need at their fingertips. It enhances user experience significantly.

Imagine a potential customer landing on your site. They immediately find out what time you open, see what's on the menu, and perhaps even get enticed by a special dish of the day.

3. Customizing Your Menu List

First, we give you the raw materials—a clean, attractive layout to begin your menu list. But that's just the starting point. You can easily change the template to align with your restaurant’s style or seasonal offerings.

Do you prefer a two-column layout over a single one? You can do that. With Durable, your Menu List section becomes a flexible canvas, easily adaptable to your precise needs and aesthetic choices.

Customizing the Menu List

Customizing your menu list lets you dictate the narrative. Are you a rustic country diner or a high-end urban eatery? The look and feel of your menu section sets that tone even before customers walk through your doors.

NOTE: You don’t need any technical skills to make these changes. Durable is an AI website builder that’s designed to be user-friendly. All the customization options are available from a single dashboard. You can preview changes in real-time so you'll know exactly how they’ll appear to your customers.

Preview changes as you build your menu list

4. Invoicing Tool

The invoicing tool helps you generate, send, and track invoices directly from your dashboard.

Creating an invoice on the back end

We know managing finances is often a complex task that requires a lot of attention to detail. The built-in invoicing tool simplifies this process, saving you time and reducing the risk of errors.

You can instantly send out invoices to vendors or for catering services and keep track of payments all in one place.

5. Google Ad Writer

Marketing is vital in any industry, but it often sets you apart from the competition in the restaurant business. 

Google Ad Writer is an AI-driven ad writer trained to create persuasive and effective ad copy tailored to the restaurant industry.

Simply input some basic information about your restaurant and choose the tone, and it will generate Google ad text that's SEO-optimized and ready to convert.

Effective Google Ads can attract new customers and keep your tables full. However, writing compelling ad copy is a skill that usually requires a marketing expert. Our Google Ad Writer negates the need for hiring an expert by generating persuasive ad copy for you.

This saves time and money, enabling you to launch campaigns quickly and see faster results.

#2: BentoBox

BentoBox website builder is a cloud-based platform specializing in creating restaurant websites.

The platform allows you to directly integrate online orders, reservations, and event bookings through your site.

BentoBox helps you manage different parts of your restaurant business in one centralized place.

BentoBox Features and Benefits

  • Dashboard Features
  • Accessibility and Device Responsiveness
  • Built-in SEO Tools

1. Dashboard Features

BentoBox's dashboard lets you change menu items or add new photos anytime you want without calling a tech person.

The dashboard also shows you real-time stats on how many people are visiting your site, what they're clicking on, and how they found your website in the first place.

And if you are stuck, you get a dedicated account manager to help you with your website.

2. Accessibility and Device Responsiveness

BentoBox ensures your website is easy for everyone, including people with disabilities.

They have features like assistive audio and video enhancements that help you meet legal requirements for website accessibility.

3. Built-in SEO Tools

BentoBox helps more people find your restaurant when they search online. This is because sitemaps and page structures are built right into the website.

They also have a tool called LocalSync that ensures your restaurant's details—like your address or hours—are the same everywhere on the internet.

You can also put up pop-up ads for special deals or use forms to collect email addresses for newsletters.

#3: GloriaFood

GloriaFood is a website builder and online restaurant ordering platform. 

This website builder also offers integrations with top restaurant-tech companies like OpenTable, DoorDash, and more.

With GloriaFood, you can create a customized look and feel for your website, drive more revenue with actionable buttons for online ordering, reservations, private dining, and more, and showcase food, interiors, and other visuals that set your restaurant apart.

GloriaFood Features and Benefits

  • Integration with POS Systems
  • Online Ordering System
  • Customizable Branding
  • Multi-location Support for Chain Restaurants
  • Single-page Checkout for Your Customers

1. Integration with POS Systems

One of the significant advantages of using GloriaFood is its seamless integration with various point-of-sale (POS) systems.

This feature allows restaurant owners to operate in one centralized location.

For instance, GloriaFood’s Food Ordering API can automatically process orders as soon as they're accepted, sending the details directly to your POS system. This cuts down on manual data entry and minimizes the risk of mistakes.

Similarly, the Restaurant Menu API keeps your online menu up to date with your POS system's database. Both APIs are crucial for enhancing operational efficiency, whether you're using them for POS API integration or fleet delivery management systems.

2. Online Ordering System

The online ordering system is another feature bundled with GloriaFood.

If you already have a website, you don't need to worry. GloriaFood's online ordering system works with all major website builders for restaurants. 

You can take unlimited orders, and they don’t charge you commissions. So it’s a win-win situation.

3. Customizable Branding

You can tweak the colors, fonts, and layout to match your restaurant’s overall look and feel.

For example, if your restaurant has a rustic theme with many wooden textures, you can choose earthy tones for your online menu and website.

This provides customers with a consistent experience, whether walking into your restaurant or ordering food online. Consistency is key in branding, and GloriaFood’s customization options let you achieve that.

4. Multi-location Support for Chain Restaurants

Managing multiple locations can be a logistical nightmare if you run a restaurant chain. GloriaFood offers multi-location support, meaning you can manage orders, reservations, and even inventories for different outlets from one dashboard.

This feature is for large-scale operations where you require consistency and streamlined management.

You can track performance metrics for each location and make data-driven decisions without switching between different systems or platforms.

5. Single-page Checkout for Your Customers

Nothing turns customers off more than a complicated, multi-step checkout process. GloriaFood offers a single-page checkout for this.

All the required fields and information are displayed on one page, making it easier and faster for customers to complete their orders.

#4: Wix

Wix is known for its versatility, but it also offers specialized features for restaurant owners. 

The hallmark feature of Wix is its drag-and-drop interface, which provides an uncomplicated way to design your restaurant website.

Wix offers a ton of flexibility in terms of design. So whether you want to highlight your daily specials or create an elaborate menu section, you have complete control over how your content is displayed.

Wix Features and Benefits

  • Delivery Integration
  • POS Integration
  • Wix App Market
  • Ordering System

1. Delivery Integration

Wix partners with DoorDash, one of the largest food delivery companies in the USA, to facilitate your food delivery services.

This integration gives you access to DoorDash's extensive network of over 200,000 on-demand delivery drivers across 800+ cities. 

You can tap into this well-established delivery infrastructure without the hassle of coordinating delivery logistics yourself. It's centralized on your Wix dashboard.

2. POS Integrations

 Wix lets you directly integrate your point-of-sale (POS) system into your website.

You can sync your restaurant's menus and orders on the Wix dashboard, creating a unified system for in-person and online transactions. This feature streamlines your operations.

3. Wix App Market

Wix’s app market has several apps for restaurant websites.

One is the Dine by Wix app. It is a commission-free sales channel, meaning all the profits go directly to you. It also provides actionable insights that can help you grow your business.

You can also run your restaurant remotely through the Wix Owner app.

4. Ordering System

The ordering system in Wix is engineered for flexibility and convenience. Customers can view the menu, order to their table, and pay straight from their phone with contactless dine-in.

Plus, if your restaurant has multiple locations, Wix lets you feature menus, hours, and other essential information from all your branches on a single site. 

#5: Shopify

Shopify is a well-known website builder and e-commerce platform enabling businesses to create online stores and manage all aspects of their online sales.

While many people associate Shopify with retail or goods-based businesses, it's actually quite versatile. Restaurants can effectively use it to set up an online ordering system, manage inventory, and even run in-house point-of-sale (POS) systems.

Shopify offers a library of pre-made themes that you can use to get started quickly. The themes are designed for different types of restaurants, so you can find one that fits your needs.

Shopify Features and Benefits

  • Restaurant-Optimized Themes
  • App Customization
  • Tipping Feature
  • Curbside Pickup

1. Restaurant-Optimized Themes

Shopify has restaurant-optimized themes. Users can select from a range of themes to offer a streamlined customer experience, aligning with conventional restaurant menu layouts.

They are designed to look clean and organized, making it easier for your customers to find what they want.

The themes are also mobile-friendly, so your site will look good whether someone is viewing it on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

2. App Customization

Shopify has an App Store. These apps extend the functionality of your online store. You integrate them into the Shopify platform.

Apps available range from those that assist with marketing, like email tools, to those that help with store aesthetics, like Instagram feed integrations.

3. Tipping Feature

Everyone knows tipping is important to restaurant culture. Shopify has included a tipping feature in the checkout process.

This means when someone orders food from your restaurant online, there will be a specific spot where they can add a tip during the payment process. You don't have to set this up separately.

4. Curbside Pickup

Another feature offered is the option for curbside pickup. Customers can choose to place an order online and collect it themselves from the restaurant.

Payment is completed online before the pickup, which can help expedite the process when the customer arrives to collect their food.

#6: Squarespace

Squarespace is a website-building platform known for its visually appealing design templates and user-friendly interface.

Although it's not designed exclusively for restaurants, it has many features that make it a viable option for restaurant owners looking to establish or improve their online presence.

With Squarespace, you can create a sleek, responsive website to showcase your menu, accept reservations, and even facilitate online orders.

Squarespace Features and Benefits

  • Reservation Management with Tock Integration
  • Menu Creation
  • Selling Food Online
  • Event Calendars

1. Reservation Management with Tock Integration

Squarespace allows integration with Tock, a specialized reservation system. This means you can add a section to your website where customers can easily book a table without calling or emailing. 

This reservation feature can be added to any page of your website. So customers can make a reservation whether they're looking at your menu, reviews, or contact information.

And if you're a restaurant that prefers the old-fashioned way of reservations via phone or email, you can easily add a contact page to handle reservations offline.

2. Menu Creation

The platform offers pre-built page layouts tailored to display your restaurant's offerings

With a few clicks, you can add sections, descriptions, and prices to create an online menu that aligns with your restaurant’s branding. You don't need technical skills to get a clean, professional menu page.

This ease of use allows you to update your menu as often as needed to keep your customers informed about new dishes, daily specials, or changes in pricing.

3. Selling Food Online

You can add an online store to your restaurant's website where customers can purchase food, merchandise, and gift cards.

The store comes with:

  • Inventory management
  • Order processing
  • Email notification capabilities

You can use this feature to sell takeaway meals, special sauces, or branded t-shirts.

4. Event Calendars

Squarespace lets you set up event calendars to keep your customers in the loop about upcoming activities at your restaurant — weekly happy hour, a monthly jazz night, or a special holiday menu.

Customers can see what’s happening, when it’s happening and make plans to attend.

#7: WordPress is an open-source content management system that lets you easily create and manage a website.

Initially popular as a blogging platform, WordPress has evolved into a versatile tool for creating various websites, including those for restaurants.

With WordPress, you can build a feature-rich, customized website that showcases your restaurant's offerings and connects with your customers. 

The platform provides an array of themes, plugins, and tools specifically geared toward restaurants, enabling you to create a site that reflects your brand's identity and meets your business needs.

WordPress Features and Benefits

  • Table Reservation Plugins
  • SEO and Analytics Tools
  • Wide Range of Restaurant-Specific Themes

1. Table Reservation Plugins

WordPress offers several table reservation plugins you can integrate into your site. These plugins make it easy for customers to choose a date, time, and the number of people they want to book.

The system will then confirm if the reservation is available and send out a confirmation email to the customer.

2. SEO and Analytics Tools

You can add SEO plugins that help you optimize every page and post for search engines, improving your online visibility.

You can also access various analytics plugins to monitor your site's performance.

You can see how many people are visiting your site, how long they're staying, and what they're clicking on, which helps you make informed business decisions.

3. Wide Range of Restaurant-Specific Themes

WordPress offers designed themes for restaurants. These themes come preloaded with features like menu displays, reservation systems, and photo galleries.

However, if you want premium themes, they are expensive. They can range from $50 to hundreds of dollars.

WordPress restaurant themes

You can choose a theme that matches your restaurant's vibe and customize it to fit your brand.

#8: Popmenu

Popmenu web builder platform is aimed at restaurants, cafes, and other food-related businesses.

With Popmenu, you can design a website that looks good and includes a suite of features tailored to the needs of the restaurant industry. This includes menu management, online ordering, and interactive features that engage visitors.

It offers a modern restaurant website builder with SEO built-in.

Popmenu Features and Benefits

  • Analytics
  • Online Ordering
  • Easy-to-Use Website Builder

1. Analytics

Popmenu provides analytics to understand customer behavior on your website. You can see details like how many people visited your website, whether new or returning, and how they interact with the content.

For example, you can find out which menu items get the most clicks or which days of the week have the highest website traffic.

2. Online Ordering

Popmenu's online ordering feature allows you to keep more of your revenue by charging a flat fee for using DoorDash's network of drivers.

When a customer orders through your website, you don't have to give up a large chunk of your earnings as commission. This model respects the fact that the customer came through your platform and thus allows you to retain more revenue.

3. Easy-to-Use Website Builder

Popmenu provides a user-friendly website builder for making real-time updates to your site without needing any technical expertise.

Whether it's a simple price change or adding a new event, you don't have to wait or rely on someone else to make these updates. You have the power to change details as needed, which means you can keep your website up-to-date easily.

This is useful for restaurants with seasonal menus, special events, or changing promotions.

How to Choose the Best Restaurant Website Builder for You

The right tool will help you build your site quickly, effectively reach your audience, showcase your offerings, and manage your business more efficiently. Here are some things to consider when making your decision.

Ease of Use

For most restaurant owners, simplicity and user-friendliness are key. You want a platform where you can easily customize your site, update menus, add photos, and manage bookings without requiring technical skills.

Check if the builder offers easy-to-understand controls and accessible customer support. You should be able to make quick updates without hiring a web developer.

For example, with Durable, you can generate and customize a website without any technical know-how.

Customization Options

Templates are useful for getting started quickly, but will you have the flexibility to make your website look and feel like 'you'?

Assess how easily you can change colors, fonts, layouts, and add new elements like a blog or gallery.

Some website builders offer more customization features than others, so think about how unique you want your website to be.

Built-in Features and Add-Ons

Restaurant-specific features like invoicing, online ordering, table reservations, or analytics can be a huge advantage.

Look for a builder with built-in features that allow you to easily add them through plugins or third-party integrations.

A feature-rich website builder will save you the hassle and additional cost of manually integrating these elements later.


Price is always a factor. Analyze the cost-effectiveness of the website builder. Consider the upfront fees and any ongoing costs for hosting, domain registration, or additional features you'll want to add.

Some platforms may offer basic features for a lower price but charge more for advanced features or more customization.

SEO Capabilities

Search engine optimization (SEO) features help your restaurant appear in search engine results when potential customers are looking for places to eat nearby. 

Check if the website builder allows for custom URLs, meta descriptions, and alt text for images, as these can all help improve your site's SEO.

AI Tools Available

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly important in helping businesses automate and improve various tasks.

When choosing a restaurant website builder, check if it offers AI-based features. These range from CRMs that help you manage and answer common customer queries to AI-driven analytics that provide deep insights into customer behavior on your site.

Some AI tools can even help with inventory management or personalized marketing. Opting for a website builder that integrates these smart technologies can give you a competitive edge and help you manage your restaurant more efficiently.

For example, Durable offers you these tools beyond website creation.

Customer Support

Finally, think about the level of customer service the website builder offers.

  • Is help available 24/7?
  • Is there a robust FAQ or tutorial section?
  • Can you reach out through email, live chat, or phone?

You'll want reliable support when encountering issues or having pressing questions.

How Do These Restaurant Website Builders Compare?

A good way to make an informed decision is by comparing the features offered by each website builder. We've done the heavy lifting for you by grading the key features of these website builders.

Here's how they stack up:

Website Builder User-Friendliness Customizability Customer Support AI Tools Cost Overall Average
Durable 4.8 4.7 4.8 4.9 4.8 4.8
BentoBox 4.2 4.0 4.6 3.0 3.5 3.9
GloriaFood 4.0 4.2 4.5 3.2 4.5 4.1
Wix 4.5 4.6 4.3 4.6 4.4 4.5
Shopify 4.4 4.4 4.2 4.0 4.2 4.2
Squarespace 4.4 4.6 4.0 4.1 4.1 4.2
WordPress 3.8 4.0 4.0 4.2 4.6 4.2
Popmenu 4.1 4.0 4.5 3.5 3.8 4.0

Build a Unique Restaurant Website With Durable

Between managing your restaurant, dealing with customers, and maintaining quality, adding website management can seem overwhelming.

But it's critical to have an online platform where customers can find you easily, place orders, or even make a reservation.

Durable provides AI tools to help you manage customer relations, easily generate invoices, and write persuasive Google Ads. And, with Durable Editor, you get extensive customization options to make the website your own.

With Durable, you can build a website for your restaurant in 30 seconds and, better yet, you can do so completely free of charge.

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