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We can't guarantee that a name is available to use without infringing on another company's trademark or copyright. Be sure to check copyright databases for your region/country.

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So, what makes a great business name anyway?

It doesn’t matter if you detail cars, groom pets, or help companies find their new CEO. You’ll need a business name that “sticks” for all the right reasons. 

On one hand, you’ve got tone. What emotion do you want your business name and brand to relay? Is it comforting? Confidence-inspiring? Fun? Friendly? Your business name along with your brand (colours, logo, website design, etc) will relay that tone to anyone who comes across your business. 

Whatever tone you go with, there are a handful of factors that go into a good business name:

1) Memorable

The absolute best business names manage to occupy permanent space in the brains of anyone who comes across them. Yours could do the same! Just make sure its distinctive and memorable. People probably won’t remember Reliable Landscaping. But Lawn and Order? Sure, it's a touch silly, but it's way more likely to stick.

2) Simple

Nike. Apple. Google. The simplest names are the most memorable. They’re also easy to spell, pronounce, and to recall. The simpler the better. With that said, keep in mind that your business name also must be…

3) Relevant

Your business name must clearly communicate the nature of your business. Without context, your audience might be perplexed. Having a clever or catchy name is great, but don’t let it get in the way of clarity. Note: if you do go with a more abstract or stylized name, just be sure to pair it with your specific business/services to give context when needed (for example: Diamond Pressure Washing).

4) Durable

A good business name has to last for the long haul. It might be tempting to name your business after the most recent TikTok trend or that new Taylor Swift album. But years (or months, or hours) from now, you’ll probably regret naming your pet grooming company “Epic Doge Time.” Make your name timeless, make it not-embarrassing years from now — make it durable.

5) Legal

Whatever name you go with, run it through a copyright database or checker. You might gain good brand awareness in the short term with “Game of Thrones Lawn Furniture Repair,” but soon enough HBO is gonna come-a-knockin.

99% of the time your brand name is the first touchpoint a potential client will have with your business. Make that first impression count! It pays (literally) to put the work into finding a pitch-perfect name. But if you’re stumped (or you’ve got other stuff to do), scroll up and give our AI business name generator a go.

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