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How can Durable save me time in building my website?
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What does a Durable website cost?
A Starter subscription to Durable starts at $12 per month. A Business subscription starts at $20 per month. Every Durable subscription includes your website, a custom domain, AI Assistant, Invoicing, an AI-powered CRM, and more. Learn more
Can I use an existing domain with Durable?
Yes. You’ll need to adjust a few details with your domain provider, and it takes about five minutes. This guide shows you how
Do you offer white label services?
Not right now. However, you can build and publish multiple websites from one account with Durable Pro. Learn more
Can I create an e-commerce website with Durable?
While Durable is not designed specifically to support e-commerce businesses, we have had clients launch successful e-commerce businesses on our platform. Here's how
Does a custom domain cost extra?
Nope! Custom domains are free with every Durable subscription and take seconds to create.
Can I transfer a website to someone else?
Yes. You can add additional users to any Durable website. Then, you can change all account and billing settings to transfer your entire website.
Can I edit my website’s HTML?
Durable is a “no code” solution to building websites. Because of that, we don’t offer extensive options for HTML customization. But if you have a specific need or request, get in touch with us.
Are Durable AI generated websites safe?
Yes. All Durable domains are hosted on a content delivery network called Cloudflare. We chose Cloudflare because they offer fast and secure SSL generation, firewalls, and excellent protection from all web attacks including DDos.
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