Unleash your brand's potential with AI-powered naming

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Namelix Product Overview

Namelix is an advanced AI tool designed for entrepreneurs and businesses to generate unique, memorable, and brandable names. With a focus on creativity and relevance, Namelix offers users the ability to find the perfect name for their company, product, or project. Utilizing sophisticated AI algorithms, Namelix sifts through thousands of possibilities to present you with choices that reflect your brand's essence and market positioning.

Namelix Product Pricing

Namelix provides a free naming service, empowering users to explore various name options without any initial investment. For those seeking more comprehensive solutions, Namelix offers three paid plans: Basic for $25, Designer for $65, and Enterprise for $175. Each package is crafted to accommodate the diverse needs and budgets of different users, from solo entrepreneurs to large organizations.

Namelix Product Features

  • Intuitive AI-powered name generation
  • Free name suggestions with instant availability check
  • Filtering by name style, length, and domain availability
  • High-quality logo designs with selected packages
  • Brand identity packages for comprehensive branding solutions
  • User-friendly interface and seamless user experience
  • Customizable options to suit various branding needs

Who Is Namelix For?

Namelix is tailored for start-ups, entrepreneurs, marketers, and creatives who are in the early stages of brand development. This tool is perfect for those seeking a distinctive and engaging name that captures their brand's ethos and values. Namelix simplifies the naming process, making it accessible and efficient for users with different levels of branding experience.

Namelix Product FAQ

How does Namelix generate names?

Namelix uses AI to create a list of unique names based on your keyword and style preferences.

Is Namelix completely free to use?

Namelix offers free name generation with optional paid plans for advanced features and assets.

What do the paid plans include?

Paid plans include additional features like high-resolution logos, full branding packages, and more customization options.

Can I check domain availability with Namelix?

Yes, Namelix integrates domain availability checks for your convenience.

Does Namelix provide logo design?

Yes, logo design is available, particularly with with Designer and Enterprise plans.

What if I'm not satisfied with the generated names?

Namelix allows unlimited generation attempts to ensure satisfaction.

How can I purchase a full branding package?

You can upgrade to a paid plan directly through the Namelix platform.

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