Vectorizer.AI transforms JPG and PNG images into high-quality vector graphics using AI, streamlining the conversion process for a variety of professional and personal applications.

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Vectorizer.AI Product Overview

Vectorizer.AI is a revolutionary online tool designed to convert JPG and PNG images into vector graphics efficiently. By leveraging AI and deep learning models, it accurately captures details and offers improvements such as fitting geometric shapes and cleaning up edges. This tool is perfect for transforming bitmap images into scalable vectors suitable for printing, cutting, and embroidery. The intuitive interface ensures ease of use for both professionals and beginners, making the vectorization process quick and seamless.

Vectorizer.AI Product Features

  • Automatic conversion of PNG and JPG files to vectors
  • Full color tracing to preserve the original image integrity
  • Support for various output formats including SVG, PDF, EPS, DXF, and PNG
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation and operation
  • Fast processing times thanks to AI-powered technology

Vectorizer.AI Product Pricing

The Vectorizer.AI platform provides a versatile and accessible approach to image vectorization with its two main offerings:

  • Web App: Unlimited Web Images for users without API access at $9.99 per month. This plan is billed monthly and can be canceled anytime, making it the most popular choice among users.
  • API: Designed for software integration with API access. The API plans start at 50 credits for $9.99 per month, with the price per credit reducing as the package size increases. Other plans include 100 credits for $18.99 (at $0.190 per credit) and 200 credits for $34.99 (at $0.175 per credit). Users can roll over up to 5x monthly credits, offering flexibility and value.

All plans are tailored to meet the needs of different users, from individuals to businesses, ensuring accessibility and efficiency in vectorizing images.

Who Is Vectorizer.AI For?

Vectorizer.AI is ideal for graphic designers, web designers, and print professionals looking to convert raster images into editable, scalable vector formats without losing quality. It's also suitable for anyone needing vector graphics for applications such as large-scale printing, vinyl cutting, and web design. The tool simplifies and streamlines the conversion process, making it accessible to users of all skill levels.

Vectorizer.AI Product FAQ

What file formats does Vectorizer.AI support?

The platform accepts JPEG, PNG, WEBP, BMP, and GIF as input and produces SVG, PDF, EPS, DXF, and PNG as output.

Is Vectorizer.AI easy to use?

Yes, it offers a fully automated process and a simple, user-friendly interface, making it accessible to users of all skill levels.

Does Vectorizer.AI support transparency?

Yes, it supports full 32-bit ARGB input, allowing both full and partial transparency.

What makes Vectorizer.AI different from its competitors?

Its AI capabilities, which provide accurate conversion and preserve the colors and integrity of the original image.

Can Vectorizer.AI handle complex images?

Yes, it is designed to handle a variety of image types, from logos and sketches to photographs.

Is there a limit to the size of images I can upload?

Yes, the maximum image size is 2 megapixels, with a file size limit of 30 megabytes.

What are vector images used for?

They are used for printed graphics, web graphics, and various printing processes like laser engraving and screen printing, due to their scalability and quality retention.

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