OpenCopilot is a free (formerly OpenChat), open-source tool enabling AI copilot creation for SaaS products, allowing user interaction through voice or text commands.

Table of Content

OpenCopilot Overview

OpenCopilot is an innovative, free, and open-source tool designed to create AI copilots for your SaaS products. By enabling your software to understand and act upon voice or text commands, OpenCopilot transforms the way users interact with your services. Easy to install and integrate, it can be self-hosted and customized to meet your unique business needs. This tool supports OpenAPI standards and allows for seamless communication with your underlying APIs, making complex tasks simple and intuitive for users.

OpenCopilot Pricing

OpenCopilot offers a Premium plan at $89 per month, which includes 500 actions and 10,000 messages, along with personal support from the team. This plan is recommended for those needing advanced features like a planning engine, account manager, and access to beta features. For larger organizations, there is an Enterprise plan that provides best-in-class AI assistants and additional services such as SOC 2 compliance, SSO, and on-premise hosting.

OpenCopilot Features

  • Easy to use: Plug & Play setup and SDKs available for deep integration
  • Open Source: Customize and self-host on your own infrastructure
  • Supports a wide range of data formats including PDFs, Docs, and websites
  • Enables users to perform complex actions through simple text commands
  • Supports OpenAPI standards for seamless API integration

Who Is OpenCopilot For?

OpenCopilot is for businesses wanting to enhance their SaaS products with AI capabilities. Whether you're looking to provide intuitive customer support, streamline operations, or offer innovative services, OpenCopilot can cater to your needs. It's ideal for developers seeking an open-source solution to build more interactive and user-friendly applications. Companies aiming to modernize their products without extensive resources will find OpenCopilot a valuable tool to achieve faster results.

OpenCopilot FAQ

What is OpenCopilot?

An open-source tool to create AI copilots for SaaS products, enabling interaction via voice or text commands.

How do I install OpenCopilot?

It can be installed and self-hosted using Docker and provided installation scripts.

What are the main features of OpenCopilot?

It supports complex user queries, data from various formats, and has an easy plug-and-play setup.

Can OpenCopilot be customized?

Yes, it is open-source and customizable to fit specific business needs.

What is the pricing structure for OpenCopilot?

It offers a Premium plan at $89/m and an Enterprise plan for larger needs.

Is technical support available for OpenCopilot?

Yes, all paid plans include personal support from the OpenCopilot team.

Can OpenCopilot be integrated with existing APIs?

Yes, it supports OpenAPI standards for seamless integration with your existing APIs.

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