An innovative AI storytelling tool designed to transform creative writing and narrative exploration.

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NovelAI Overview

NovelAI offers a unique experience for writers and creatives, acting as an AI-assisted authorship tool. It leverages advanced algorithms to generate human-like storytelling, allowing users of any skill level to produce high-quality literary content. With NovelAI, you can explore different genres, craft intricate stories, or even develop virtual companionships. It's designed to foster creativity and provide a sandbox for imagination, making it an ideal platform for anyone looking to enhance their writing or storytelling capabilities.

NovelAI Pricing

NovelAI provides various subscription tiers tailored to different user needs. The 'Free Trial' offers access to Karya, the AI storyteller, with limited text generations. The 'Tablet' tier is available at $10/month, offering unlimited text generations and a substantial memory token allocation. For those seeking more, the 'Scroll' tier at $15/month includes extra features and memory. The premium 'Opus' tier, priced at $25/month, offers the highest number of memory tokens, additional features, and access to experimental tools, making it perfect for the enthusiastic user.

NovelAI Features

  • AI-assisted authorship and storytelling
  • Various subscription tiers including Free Trial, Tablet, Scroll, and Opus
  • Unlimited text generations for premium tiers
  • Advanced memory token allocations for extended interactions
  • Access to Karya, a top-of-the-line AI storyteller
  • Additional features such as Text-to-Speech generations and Image Generation
  • Custom AI module training and image generation for higher tiers

Who Is NovelAI For?

NovelAI is designed for writers, creatives, and anyone interested in storytelling, regardless of their skill level. It's perfect for those looking to break through writer's block, explore new genres, or bring their imaginative worlds to life. Educators and students can also benefit from its capabilities to enhance learning and writing skills. Furthermore, game developers and scriptwriters can use NovelAI to generate narrative elements and dialogues for their projects. Essentially, NovelAI serves anyone who values creativity and storytelling in their personal or professional life.


What is NovelAI?

NovelAI is an AI-assisted authorship tool designed to help users create and enhance their writing and storytelling.

What subscription tiers does NovelAI offer?

NovelAI offers four tiers: Free Trial, Tablet, Scroll, and Opus, each with different features and memory capacities.

Can I use NovelAI for free?

Yes, NovelAI offers a Free Trial with limited features for users to experience the platform.

What is Karya in NovelAI?

Karya is NovelAI's advanced AI storyteller, available across all subscription tiers.

How does the memory token system work?

Memory tokens determine the amount of text the AI can remember from past interactions, affecting the continuity and depth of stories.

Can I generate images with NovelAI?

Yes, higher subscription tiers offer image generation capabilities alongside text generation.

Is NovelAI suitable for beginners?

Yes, NovelAI is designed to be user-friendly and is suitable for individuals at all writing levels.

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