Competition for college admissions gets hotter every year, so tutors are in high demand. Most potential students are searching for tutoring services online, so if you don’t have a tutoring website that ticks all the boxes, you’re missing out on business. Fortunately, an effective website is just a few steps away.

Is there a checklist of essentials for my tutoring website?

Yeah there is! A highly educational tutoring website template should include:

  • A professional header complete with your business name, an attractive image, and a way to get in touch with you
  • Photos showing happy students, friendly teachers, and clean, safe facilities
  • A list of services, such as the grades you tutor, the subjects you offer, and in which languages
  • Positive testimonials from both happy students and satisfied parents
  • An About Us section that tells a little about you and your team
  • A contact information section that includes a contact form, phone number, email address, social media handles, and a map to your office

How can I help my tutoring website achieve at a high level?

Testimonials are the key to your success. Source as many as you can, then expand the best ones into case studies that demonstrate your commitment to education and the difference that you make in students’ lives.

Be sure to list your accreditations and qualifications up front on your website. Provide links to institutions you’ve attended to build trust with potential students.

If you conduct lessons online, supply details on which platforms you use to do it and how online tutoring can be just as effective and in-person instruction.

Lastly, consider offering free consultations in a highly visible spot on your website. Just booking that first meeting will go a long way toward securing students as paying customers.

What’s the best tool for building my tutoring website?

There are all kinds of website builders available, but most of them require you to spend weeks learning how to use them. Instead, why not let Durable build your tutoring website with the power of artificial intelligence?

Durable’s AI website builder takes a tiny amount of input about your tutoring business and turns it into a personalized website, complete with text, images, fonts, colors, and more. And it does it in just 30 seconds, 100% free of charge.