You’ve got the creative eye and the equipment required to transform yourself into a professional photographer in high demand. But showing off your photos in galleries or in person isn’t going to reach enough potential clients to make your small business a success. You need a photography website complete with just a few essential elements to help your business get a wider angle on the market.

Everything you must have on your photography website.

A sharp photography website needs to have:

  • A beautiful header image that represents your style and skills, accompanied by your business name and link to your contact info
  • A robust photo gallery filled with captivating examples of your best work
  • A list of the types of photography services you provide: weddings, portraits, fine art, landscapes, etc.
  • A price list or rate card outlining how you charge for your services
  • One or more great testimonials from happy customers ecstatic about the quality of your work
  • An About Us section that explains a little about your background and your creative philosophy
  • A contact section that includes your email address, phone number, social media handles, and a contact form

How to gain more exposure for your photography website.

You can really boost the impact of your photography website by transforming a standard gallery of images into a portfolio. Group your photos by category so that potential clients can zoom in on the types of specific services they need and begin to imagine themselves in your photos.

Another great tip is to expand your best testimonials into case studies that tell a more complete story about how your services went above and beyond to make an event or photo shoot special. And make sure you source as many great reviews as you can from previous clients.

The best photography website builder for your business.

Thanks to modern technology, you no longer have to build your website yourself or hire someone to do it for you. Artificial intelligence can take a small amount of information about your photography business and turn it into a complete website. Durable’s AI photography website creator writes copy, sources images, chooses colors and fonts, and constructs your site in just 30 seconds, completely free and ready to publish today.