When you’re a pet groomer, loving pet owners put their family members in your hands. In order to build your customer base, clients need to trust that you’ll treat their pets’ hair and hearts with care. And your website, complete with all the essential elements, is the first place you can show off your clips and compassion.

What do I need to include on my pet grooming website?

A comprehensive pet grooming website template includes:

  • A heading section with a photo of a happy pet, your business name, and a link to your contact info
  • A photo gallery of beautifully groomed pets
  • A list of the pet grooming services you provide, with pricing
  • Testimonials from satisfied clients
  • An About Us section that explains your pedigree as a pet groomer and what makes your business different from the competition
  • A contact form, email address, phone number, and social media handles

How to make your pet grooming website sit, stay, and stand out.

The most critical elements on your pet grooming website are your photos. Beautiful, professional photos of smiling pups, calm cats, and fluffed up, healthy looking fur coats is the best way to encourage owners to call for help with their dirty, stinky, shedding four-legged friends. If you have them, include photos of your clean and organized facility.

If you have accreditation as a pet groomer, be sure to include details such as where you obtained your certificate, what the qualification is, and why it makes a difference compared to your less-qualified competition.

Likewise, if you offer special services, such as treatment of hot spots or skunk spray, deshedding, and even expertise with certain breeds, make sure you include it on your website to attract customers who need your specific help.

Last, provide information on the products you use in your salon, such as shampoos, deodorizers, nail clippers, and more. Many pet owners treat their pets as well as they treat themselves and will want to know that you are using high-quality products.

What’s the best way to build my pet grooming website?

You could spend months learning to build it yourself. Or you could pay a lot of money to a developer to do it for you. But thanks to artificial intelligence technology, you don’t have to. Durable’s AI pet grooming website builder can create your business site in less than a minute. Durable writes copy, finds images, picks colors and fonts, and assembles it all together in a perfect, professional package. Oh and by the way it’s free.