Are you ready to grow your business and start eating into your competitors with an infestation of excellent service? Your website is the first step on the path to pesticidal profits.

The key to finding customers is building trust in your services, and your comprehensive website is the best place to start. Use this free guide and pest control website template to get started.

What sections do I need to have on my pest control website?

A professional pest control website template should include:

  • A high-quality image in the header, accompanied by your memorable business name and a link to your contact info
  • A gallery of images showcasing you/your team working on the job. Note: while you *can* use your gallery to showcase the pests your business can handle, it's not necessarily recommended. When looking for a pest control pro, the last thing a client wants to see is a giant mouse or cockroach staring them down.
  • A list of services that you can deliver, such as wasp nest removal, rodent removal, etc.
  • A list of prices for your various services
  • A map or list of the geographic areas that you service
  • At least one testimonial that compliments your services and helps to build trust with potential clients
  • An About Us section that demonstrates why you’re better than the competition and smarter than the pests you capture
  • A contact form, email address, phone number, and social media handles
A pest control professional spraying in a kitchen, while a client watches. They both wear masks.
Showcase photos that make you and your team look professional, and avoid featuring images of the pests your clients are looking to get rid of.

How can I stand out in a crowded pest control marketplace?

When people have an infestation in their homes and offices, they want it dealt with quickly and cleanly. Your website needs to show that you are a professional capable of dealing with any pest situation, so testimonials are key. If you can, expand a testimonial into a case study explaining how you completed a job in a way that changed a customer’s life.

Consider adding background information on pests that are common in your area to build your credibility as an expert.

If you offer any special services that are less common, be sure to list them on your website. For example, humane raccoon or large rodent removal, or environmentally friendly methods of pest control.

Last, if you offer free estimates, say it in a bold and easy-to-see place on your website to encourage hesitant customers to call right away.

How can I build my pest control website?

In the old days you would have had to pay a developer to build you a website, or learn how to write code and do it yourself, two less-than-ideal options. Today, you can use an artificial intelligence pest control website builder like the one from Durable and watch your pest control website appear before your eyes in 30 seconds, complete with copy, images, fonts, colors, and more.