You’ve got the lawn care skills to pay the bills. But you won’t be making any green unless your services get noticed online. That’s why you need a professional website that looks as good as your clients’ yards. Be sure to include just a few specific elements and your business will blossom in no time.

What do I need to include on my landscaping business website?

From basic to flowery, most landscaping websites include:

  • A header section with your catchy business name, an attractive photo, and a link to your contact info so potential customers can book your services
  • A photo gallery showcasing the beautiful work that you do
  • A listing of services including any specialties of yours, such as edible gardens or xeriscapes.
  • At least one positive testimonial, or better yet, a portfolio of previous jobs with details on what you did and why it made a difference to your clients
  • A section called About Us that provides details about why your landscaping business is the best in your area
  • A contact form, phone number, email address, social media handles, etc.

How to make your landscaping website a perennial favorite.

Pictures, pictures, pictures! Beautiful, colorful images of green lawns, blooming flowers, and immaculate stonework will help to convince potential customers that their drab, overgrown yards can be beautiful. Be sure to include a photo of your clean, professional work truck so that clients can be sure the neighbors won’t complain when you’re on site.

Reach out to satisfied customers and ask them to write glowing reviews of your services that will help to convince new clients to trust you with their lawns and gardens. Be sure to get accompanying photos of your handiwork.

If you are able to offer free estimates, be sure to put it front and center on your website. Reduced risk means that clients will be less hesitant to call.

And remember, there are lots of landscapers out there. Take time with your About Us section to ensure that you communicate what sets your company apart from the competition.

Is there an easy way to build my landscaping website?

You bet there is. Instead of paying a developer a lot of money or spending weeks to learn how to do it yourself, you can use an AI landscaping website builder to create a professional site in just 30 seconds. Durable sources images, copy, fonts, colors, and more, completely free, and delivers a ready-to-use website in less than a minute. It’s the best website builder for landscaping companies.