As an interior designer, the spaces you decorate are your calling card. A website is a must-have for highlighting beautiful photographs of the rooms you’ve worked on as well as the unique eye you bring to every project. Interior design websites that have an impact on potential customers introduce them to a designer’s creative world and make them want to live in that world, too. 

What do I need to include on my interior design website? 

The essential elements of any engaging interior design website include:

  • A header with an amazing photo of one of the spaces you’re proud of
  • A chic, memorable logo, your business name, and a link to your contact information
  • Your social media handles where customers can see more photos
  • A photo gallery of some of the projects you’ve worked on
  • Logos of the companies you partner with or the brands you like to use
  • Testimonials from happy customers next to photos of the space you designed
  • A list of your services and rates, or information about your quoting process
  • An About Us section where you talk about your approach and what inspires you
  • Contact information like your email and phone number alongside a contact form

How to set up your interior design website in style. 

An exceptional interior design website puts images first. Potential customers need to get a sense of what they can expect from your services—you’ll be transforming a space they probably spend time in every day, after all. Make sure to include plenty of big, bright, high-quality images across your website to create a more immersive experience of your brand.

Being consistent with your brand colors and fonts throughout your site is not only a great design choice, but it also helps customers remember your brand. Choose a color palette and typography that reflects the work you do in real life and be sure to implement it on every page. 

Make sure that you have a section that outlines your areas of expertise. Maybe you love doing kitchens and bathrooms, or maybe you specialize in kids’ playrooms and nurseries. That way, customers looking for help with specific rooms know you can give them a hand.

Always make it as easy as possible for potential customers to contact you. Have a contact form featured prominently on your site so visitors don’t have to guess the best way to contact you. 

What’s the best website builder for interior design? 

Your website is a vital part of your business. It’s where customers can see your portfolio of work and decide if your style matches their aesthetic. It’s important to choose the best website builder for interior design so that you can set up a professional site that introduces your brand and shows off what you can do. 

It’s expensive to hire a web designer or developer to create a site. And, though there are lots of website building tools out there, it takes time to learn how to use them and you might not be able to get the outstanding results you’re looking for. 

Durable created an AI-powered interior design website builder that enables you to publish a gorgeous website with an elegant design and engaging copy in seconds so that you can start connecting with your customers online, today.