Whether you’re building a business from scratch or upgrading an existing one, a professional handyman website is one of the best ways you can attract more customers. Tradespeople are in high demand and your new website will allow you to take only the best jobs, as long as you include a few specific elements.

What sections are essential on my handyman website?

For an ideal handyman website, look for a template that includes:

  • An eye-catching header with your business name, a high-quality photo, and a link to your contact information
  • A photo gallery that includes images of successfully completed projects, the tools you use, and happy customers
  • A listing of the services you can provide, such as painting, electrical, fences and gates, dry wall, etc.
  • Positive testimonials from clients you’ve helped in the past
  • An About Us section that explains why clients should choose you over competitors in your area
  • Contact information including a contact form, your phone number, a company email address, and your social media handles.

How to fix up your handyman website so it gets noticed.

When adding images to your handyman website template, be sure that you are using high-resolution, professional photos that represent the quality and dedication you bring to each job. And make sure that you include at least one photo of your clean company vehicle so that clients will recognize it when you pull into their driveways.

If you hold trades qualifications, list them in a visible place on your website and link to the institutions that provided the accreditation. This is one of the first steps toward building trust with your clients.

If you have especially satisfied customers, consider expanding their testimonials into project case studies that will allow you to show off the difference that you’ve made in their lives. Include additional photos and a description of the project.

Lastly, offer free estimates in highly visible locations on your website, such as in the header and contact information.

Is there a handy way to build my website?

You bet there is. No need to pay someone to do it for you. Don’t bother learning to do it yourself. Durable’s AI handyman website builder just needs a tiny bit of info from you to automatically create a complete website in just 30 seconds. It writes copy, adds images, chooses fonts and colors, and places them all on the right template for your business. All 100% free. It’s the fastest way to get your handyman business online.