Wherever you live, chances are competition is pretty steep. Dog owners *love* their dogs. That’s why earning trust and demonstrating your expertise (and love of dogs!) is key.

What sections should I include on my dog walking website?

Ideally your dog walking website includes the following:

  • A header section including your name and a way to get in touch with you
  • A services section to explain the services you offer (and what they cost)
  • Positive testimonials that speak highly of your dog walking business
  • An About Us section to explain who you are, what you do, and why dog lovers can trust you
  • A contact form so people can ask questions, schedule a time to meet, or to book a session
  • Plenty of photos of happy dogs, walking outside! 

How do I make my dog walking website stand out?

This might be a no-brainer, but your dog walking website should include high-quality photos of happy looking dogs. People are hiring you because you can help keep their dogs happy and exercised. Photography helps relay that. A banner image is a good start, but also consider creating a gallery of photos (either your own or through stock photography) that relay the dog walking vibe your going for.

On top of that, take some time writing your “About Us” section. If people are going to trust you with their beloved furry companion, tell the world a bit about yourself, how much you love dogs, and why they should trust you. Including an image of yourself is a good idea.

Positive testimonials are a must. The more the better. Frequently ask repeat customers for testimonials, and add them to your website.

Some dog walkers offer to schedule a meet and greet before booking an appointment. If you have capacity, this is a good option to have. Note: this could be as simple as a line of copy beside your contact form.

What should I use to create my dog walking website?

There are a ton of website builders out there. They can be very powerful and effective, but take a lot of time to learn.

If you want to get your dog walking website up and running quickly, you can generate an entire business site in just a few clicks with Durable. It’s fast, and even selects images and writes copy for you (don’t worry, you can edit all elements before publishing).