As a digital marketer, your web presence is everything. Showing customers that you know your stuff starts with your own marketing strategy. Your website is the heart of your brand, where potential clients come to find out more about what you offer and purchase your services. Awesome digital marketing websites show clients what they could achieve through digital marketing. That means a great design should communicate your approach to digital marketing and highlight how you’ve helped other businesses grow by improving their online marketing tactics. 

What should I include on my digital marketing website? 

An effective website for your digital marketing business should include: 

  • Your logo, business name, and a link to your contact information
  • A few high-quality images of you and anything else that expresses your brand identity
  • Examples of your past work or results you’ve achieved for your clients
  • A list of the services you provide with clear pricing
  • The types of businesses you specialize in
  • Testimonials from clients who’ve seen stellar returns from their digital marketing investment
  • An About section where you can talk about your approach and expertise and show off any certifications you have
  • Essential contact details like your email address, phone number, and a contact form as well as your social media handles

Design a digital marketing website that gets you clicks and conversions.

You already know that visuals are becoming more important across social media channels and they are even more critical for brands that sell online. An excellent digital marketing website has high-quality, compelling visuals that tell the story of your own brand to build trust with potential clients. Featuring photos of yourself and your workspace helps visitors connect with you. Using photos of your current and past clients (with their permission) alongside testimonials ensures that potential clients see themselves in your services. 

Your digital marketing website also needs to clearly list who your ideal clients are and highlight examples of the work you’ve done for those types of clients. This makes it much easier for potential clients in your niche to find you and saves you the trouble of weeding out poor-fit clients who might be looking to work with you. It’s also a good idea to lay out what types of projects you work on (for example, Google ads, social media campaigns, email campaigns) and your price point for the packages you offer. This helps narrow down clients who are willing to pay you your rate and need help with the aspects of digital marketing you specialize in. 

Finally, you know that making a clear, snag-free path to conversion is critical for any online customer journey. You can create this for your own clients by providing an embedded contact form right on your site that makes it as easy as possible for clients to get in touch about working together. 

Where do I start if I want to build a digital marketing website?

You’re probably no stranger to how complex building a website can be. Even though there are a lot of helpful website building tools, there’s still a steep learning curve and it can take time to put together something professional when you’re not a designer. Hiring a website developer can be very expensive and it’s also time-consuming to go back and forth with an outsourced designer. 

Durable’s AI website builder writes copy, finds images, chooses colors and fonts, and puts it all together in an engaging layout in seconds so that you can just focus on building your clients’ brands.