Turn your dog training skills into a solo business in seconds.

Instantly build your dog training business website with Durable AI.

Then, get the tools you need for marketing, invoicing, insurance registration, and more. All in one app. Ready?

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Start earning what you're actually worth.

If you work for a dog training business, you're getting paid way less than your hustle and expertise is worth. And the company you work for? They're pocketing a lot of cash for doing pretty much nothing.

The math is simple. If you get paid an hourly wage, your boss takes home at least 50% of what your skills are actually worth.

A dog training business will probably charge anywhere $20-32 an hour. But if you work for a dog training business, you're probably making anywhere from $8-13 an hour.

So why not take home that entire $20-32 yourself? Imagine if you were your own boss. If you could set your own schedule. If you could free yourself from the 9-5, and earn a better living on your terms.

The only way to make that happen is to start your own dog training business.  That's where we come in.

We're Durable 👋 We use AI and create tools that make running a solo business easier than working for someone else.

Build a website, start marketing, send invoices, get paid. All in one app, for one monthly price.

Starting a Dog Training business isn't hard. With Durable, it's even easier.


Get a site generated for you with AI. Spread the word to friends and family, and by posting to social media, Craigslist, Nextdoor, or local groups.


See who's visiting your site with our in-app Analytics. Then, use Customer Relationship Management tools to book that first job ASAP.


Focus on winning work, not boring admin. We organize your insurance, registration, and business finances for you from day 1.

Stand out with a job winning site

Build a professional looking website with built-in marketing tools in just a few clicks — no code or design skills required. Every site includes a built-in analytics and lead capture form, so you can keep tabs on customers right away. It's your secret weapon for winning jobs — and it's ridiculously easy to set up.
Marketing tools

Win new and repeat business

With our customer relationship management (CRM) tool, you’ll have a tidy list of every customer you’ve ever had (and potential ones). Follow up with folks who visit your site, book repeat business, and see who your highest value customers are. It's everything you need to win new work — and to keep every client coming back for more.

Stress-free invoicing

Create and send professional looking invoices from wherever, whenever. Accept payments via credit card or secure bank payments (ACH), and get access to your hard earned money ASAP with your Durable Money Account.
Marketing tools

Let us handle the admin stuff

Not sure where to start with business finances? Sign up for a Durable Money Account, and we'll keep your business finances organized for you. No idea where to start with LLC registration or insurance? We'll give you direct steps so you can get sorted right from your home. Focus on the work you're great at, and we'll handle the complicated business stuff for you.

Generate a business website in 3 clicks

Launch a better website than your competitors in a fraction of the time. Let Durable AI build a site with images and copy for you. All in 3 clicks.
A screenshot of the Durable app shows the AI website builder with editing options.
Customer Relationship Management

Book jobs right away

Find the right customers (and keep them coming back). Respond to leads, send automated review requests, and organize client details. All from the Durable app.
A screenshot of the Durable app shows customer relationship management software screens.

Get paid faster

Send professional looking invoices and accept credit card payments in seconds. In the US? Open a Durable Money Account, and get access to your funds right away.
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Join thousands of business owners using Durable.

“I needed a professional solution to present to clients. Durable was the easiest way for me to get started.”

Qaid J.
Strategy Consultant

“It streamlined my business in a way I didn't think was possible. All I need to do now is just focus on my clients.”

Liz A.
Fitness Professional

“I was sick of my job and wanted to quit. That same day I built a site and booked my first job. Game-changing.”

Jon J.
Mobile Bike Mechanic
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