October 26, 2023
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Wix vs. WordPress vs. Durable: Which is Right for Your Business in 2024?


To create the perfect website for your business, you need a user-friendly website builder with options to customize pages, widgets, branding colors, etc, easily.

To provide you with a comprehensive perspective on the available options, we're comparing three types of website builders: a drag-and-drop builder (Wix), a self-hosted platform (WordPress), and an AI-powered builder (Durable). 

Wix vs. WordPress vs. Durable at a Glance

  • Wix: Offers ease of use with its drag-and-drop features and is great for beginners.
  • WordPress: Gives you ultimate customization capabilities, suitable for those with some technical skills.
  • Durable: Blends the best of both, incorporating user-friendliness and AI-driven features for a comprehensive website-building experience.
Feature Wix WordPress Durable
Ease of Use and Customization Drag-and-drop builder; 800 pre-designed templates Over 11,000 free themes; presents a learning curve AI-assisted customization; user-friendly interface, creates a unique template specific to your business
SEO Capabilities Built-in basic SEO features Plugins like Yoast SEO needed AI-assisted, built-in SEO features
Integrations and Apps 500 apps in the App Market A virtually endless array of plugins Native integrations; AI tools
AI Capabilities Wix ADI for basic AI design Open-source, so third-party AI tools can be integrated A comprehensive set of AI functionalities
Pricing $4.50 to $35 per month Costs vary for hosting, themes, plugins Starting at $12, includes a full set of AI tools

Durable Overview

Unlike traditional website builders that require you to select a template, customize each section from scratch, and spend hours—or even days—before your site goes live, Durable streamlines all of that.

We use advanced AI technology to generate a fully functional website for you in 30 seconds.

No coding skills are required. And you won't have to worry about hiring a developer, copywriter, or graphic designer.

We focus on lowering the barrier for small business owners who want to take their business online but find the traditional route too complicated or costly. That's why we offer a one-stop solution that gives you a website and equips you with essential business management tools like a CRM, an invoicing tool, and an AI assistant.

Durable Core Features

  • Ease of Use
  • Add More Pages with Ease
  • Marketing Features
  • AI CRM
  • Integrations
  • Customer Support

1. Ease of Use

Our AI website builder takes care of all aspects of website creation for you, including design and content, streamlining the entire process. 

According to Bill Erickson, a WordPress developer, traditionally, getting a fully functioning website would take 3 weeks of discovery, 6 weeks of design, 3 weeks of initial development, and 2 weeks of modifications.

With Durable, you can do all this in 30 seconds — and probably an extra hour to customize and tailor everything.

It is easy to create a website using our platform:

  • Go to our home page and click "Generate your website."
  • Identify Your Business Type: The AI will ask about your business. Our AI provides suggestions based on different industry types if you're unsure. Click on “See some suggestions” to get suggestions on industry types.
  • Specify Your Location: Input your business location to make your website more relevant to local customers. We’ll integrate a map of this location into your website.
  • Name Your Business: Provide a name or let our AI suggest some. Our business name generator can do the heavy lifting for you. Click on “See some suggestions” to use it.
  • Let AI Do Its Magic: Our AI takes over and uses all this information and industry-specific knowledge to generate your customized website.
How to build a website using Durable‍

Our AI is programmed to understand various industries — restaurants, retail shops, real estate, tech startups, service providers, etc. It uses this understanding to create a website layout, add relevant features, and write content that is commonly used and effective in your industry. 

For instance, the AI knows what keywords are important for your industry.

When it generates your website, it naturally incorporates these keywords, making your site more likely to appear in search engine results.

This saves you the trouble of doing in-depth keyword research and trying to integrate them naturally into your website's content.

Once our AI has generated your initial website based on your industry and preferences, you can tweak and change things as much as you want, and you don't need to be tech-savvy to do it.

Simple Click-and-Edit Interface

When you want to change a section — for example, the ‘Our Services’ section — simply click on it. You'll see an edit icon pop up.

Click on that icon, and an edit tab will appear on the right-hand side of your screen. This is your control panel for that section. 

If you want to change the text, you can do it here. Swap out an image? No problem. Even adjusting the layout is straightforward.

Editing a section on Durable

AI Assistant in the Editor

Let’s say you can’t find out how to change the font for a specific section. We've got an AI Assistant integrated into the editor.

On the top right of the editor, click on the lightning symbol.

Just ask, and the Assistant will give you a link to where to find what you want.

Asking the AI Assistant how to change font

No More Color Confusion with Pre-set Palettes

Choosing the right color scheme is crucial for your website's visual appeal but can be intimidating for those without a design background. 

Durable offers pre-set color palettes that look great and match various industry standards.

You don't have to waste time determining which colors go well together. Select a palette that appeals to you, and the colors across your site will update automatically.

Customizing a website used to be a task best left to developers and designers. But with Durable, anyone can do it.

You can make your website truly yours, all with the support and guidance of intelligent features built to make your life easier.

2. Add More Pages with Ease

Maybe you started with just a homepage and a contact page, but now you want to include a blog, a list of services, or a testimonials section.

Just go to your editor. On the top right side, click on the “+” sign. A pop will appear with suggestion pages tailored to your business. Click on "Add" to add the page to your website.

The page will be populated with copies and images.

You can make your website as expansive as you want.

3. Marketing Features

We offer a Google Ad Writer that helps you craft Google Ads that are compelling and designed to get clicks.

On the dashboard of your website, click on “Marketing.” Then click “Create promotion.” Choose one of Google Ad, Facebook Post, Tweet, or Email. 

Once you're in the Ad Writer tool, it'll ask you what your ad is about. You simply provide information about your product or service, what you want to highlight in the ad, and maybe a few key benefits. Then, choose the tone you want the ad to convey—formal, friendly, creative, etc.

Once you've provided these details, the Ad Writer takes over. It combines your input with industry-specific data to create an engaging and optimized ad for your target audience.

You get a well-crafted ad ready to go live, making it simple for you to start your advertising campaigns.

Do the same for Facebook and Twitter Ads.

For email marketing, this tool also helps you make your email campaigns effective. It’ll generate emails that will lead to conversions.

You don't have to go to multiple platforms or hire experts to handle your online advertising. With Durable, it's all in one place.


Managing your customers is a big part of running a successful business. We've included an AI CRM, specifically designed for small businesses like yours.

With our AI CRM, you can easily keep track of all your customer information. The AI sorts and organizes your contacts for you.

When a new lead comes in, the AI CRM instantly adds it to your database. You don't have to input the leads manually — you also have the option to enter and import leads manually.

Our AI CRM also helps you with customer communications. Let's say you want to send a thank-you note or a promotional offer to a group of customers.

Instead of writing individual, time-consuming messages, use the AI CRM. It’ll generate messages based on the type of communication you want to send and the specific group you want to target.

In addition, once a new lead is added, the AI CRM can automatically generate an initial response. This means you can capture the leads' interest immediately without any delays.

5. Integrations

Our platform integrates with Calendly.

Calendly is a scheduling tool for booking appointments. Instead of going back and forth with emails to find a suitable time, you integrate Calendly into your website, and the clients pick a time that works for both of you.

We've made it easy to integrate Calendly into your Durable website. Go to the section where you want to add Calendly. Click on “Add section+.” A pop-up will appear with various options. Select Calendly. That’s it.

Your website visitors can now directly book an appointment from your Durable website. No need to direct them to another page or site. 

6. Customer Support

Our customer support team can help you through email and live chat. You can email us anytime, and we’ll get back to you.

For live chat, contact us from Monday to Friday between 09:00 a.m. and 05:00 p.m. PDT.

If you need help setting up a feature or integrating sections, or have a general inquiry, our support team is here to assist you. Simply send an email or initiate a live chat from your dashboard, and someone from our team will be with you shortly.

Contacting support on Durable

Durable Pricing

Understanding the diverse requirements of our users, we've crafted a pricing structure that offers flexibility and value.

Starter Plan - $12/month

Our Starter plan is ideal for those just starting or operating a side hustle. If billed monthly, it costs $15, but you can drop that down to $12 if you decide to pay for a whole year upfront.

Here's what you get with the Starter Plan:

  • Custom Domain Name: This means you can have a web address that matches your business name, making it easy for customers to find you.
  • Unlimited Storage: You don't have to worry about running out of space for your website content.
  • 50 Contacts: Keep track of up to 50 customer or client contacts for your business.
  • 5 Invoices: Generate up to 5 invoices directly through Durable.
  • 50 AI-Generated Promotions: Let our AI help you create up to 50 promotional pieces to boost your marketing.

Business Plan - $20/month

For those ready to move beyond the basics. The Business Plan is $25 per month or $20 per month if billed annually.

With the Business Plan, you get:

  • Premium Custom Domain Name: Choose from a wider range of options.
  • On-Call Onboarding: Get one-on-one setup assistance.
  • Priority Support: Faster responses from our customer support team.
  • Unlimited Storage, Contacts, Invoices, and AI-Generated Promotions: We won't hold you back as your business grows.
  • Website Hosting, Analytics, SSL Certificate, Free Stock Images, and SEO: All the essential features of the Starter Plan, but with a focus on scaling your operations.

Both of our plans offer fantastic value for the services provided.

Positives of Durable

  • User-Friendly Interface: Our platform is straightforward. Just click "Generate your website," and our AI will guide you. You can then easily customize your website by editing sections or regenerating sections.
  • Advanced AI Features: Our system uses data specific to your business type and location to build a beautiful and highly functional website. We also have tools beyond website creation. Our AI can generate promotions and help you set up online ads.
  • Affordability: Our Starter Plan begins at just $12 per month and is packed with unlimited storage, AI-generated promotions, and more. Even our more advanced Business Plan is budget-friendly, especially considering its range of premium features.
  • Flexibility and Customization: Our easy-to-use editor allows you to customize your site without knowing any code. And if you're unsure about design elements like color schemes, we offer pre-made color palettes to make things easier.

Downsides of Durable

While we strive to offer the best product possible, we understand that no service is perfect. We want to be transparent about some areas where Durable might not fit best.

  • No Native E-commerce Features: Currently, Durable doesn’t offer native e-commerce features.

The power of AI opens up endless possibilities. We are committed to evolving and enhancing Durable to meet your needs better. Our platform is continually growing.

Wix Overview

Wix is a traditional cloud-based drag-and-drop website builder that allows individuals and businesses to create and manage websites without coding skills.

The platform offers hundreds of customizable templates and features, such as photo galleries, contact forms, and e-commerce capabilities, to suit various needs. 

Users can simply pick a template, populate it with their content, and make it their own through various customization options.

For those who want more advanced functionalities, Wix also provides the ability to add custom code.

Wix Core Features

  • Ease of Use and Customization
  • Ecommerce features
  • Integrations and Apps
  • Customer Support
  • AI Features

1. Ease of Use and Customization

With over 800 free HTML5 designer-made website templates, the platform gives users a broad range of options. You don’t have to start from scratch.

Each template is like a pre-built website that you fill in with your content and images. These templates cover a variety of categories and themes — a bakery, a blog, or a business consultancy. You’ll find something that fits your needs.

The platform then employs a drag-and-drop interface, making adding, removing, or moving elements on your website easy.

This is an example of a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, which means that any changes you make in the editor appear exactly the same way when your website is published.

This feature lets you see the end result as you build, so there are no surprises when your website goes live.

Customizing your chosen template is straightforward as well. If you want to change the design of a particular button or section, you can simply click on the element and then click on "Quick Edit." A range of design options will pop up, allowing you to choose the look that best matches your vision.

In addition to the built-in design options, Wix allows you to upload your fonts. This is a fantastic feature for brands that have their custom typography.

Uploading your fonts is easy. You go into the Wix Editor, navigate to the text element you want to modify, click on “Font,” and on the drop-down, you'll see an option to upload fonts. This allows you to keep your branding consistent across all aspects of your website.

The Wix Editor has various menus and options, but they’re presented in a way that’s not overwhelming. You can add various elements within the editor, like images, text boxes, videos, and more, by dragging and dropping.

2. Ecommerce Features

If you plan to sell products or services online, Wix has ecommerce features.

However, you'll need to be on one of Wix's Business and eCommerce Plans to access these features. Once you're on one of these plans, you'll have many tools to manage your online store efficiently.

With Wix, you can sell through your website and across different platforms like social media and various sales channels. All of this can be managed from one unified dashboard.

When it comes to payments, Wix offers more than 50 secure payment gateways. This means you have multiple options for how you collect payments for sales. Wix Payments is the platform's native payment solution, but you also have the freedom to choose from other popular third-party payment systems like PayPal, Stripe, and Square.

Another useful feature is the Currency Converter. If you have international customers, this tool will automatically convert prices into the currency of the shopper.

A recent addition to Wix's ecommerce features is the "Buy Now, Pay Later" option, often abbreviated as BNPL. This allows customers to purchase and pay for items over time rather than making a full payment upfront.

Wix offers a Point of Sale (POS) system for those selling products in physical locations. You can sell items in person and integrate the sales data directly with your Wix online store.

3. Integrations and Apps

Wix offers an extensive range of integrations and apps through its Wix App Market. With over 500 web apps available, you can add many functionalities to your website.

If you're into online selling, you can also find many ecommerce apps to add to your site.

For businesses that require financial tools, you can find apps that help with invoicing, accounting, and budget planning.

Most apps on the Wix App Market operate on a freemium model. This means you can use the app's basic features without any initial cost. However, if you need more advanced capabilities, you have to upgrade to a premium version.

4. Customer Support

Wix provides customer support around the clock for English-speaking users. 

However, contacting customer support is more complex than clicking a 'contact us' button.

When you click on the 'contact' link on the Wix website, you're directed to the Wix Help Center instead of immediately getting contact information.

The Help Center offers resources to solve common issues, like articles, guides, and FAQs, which could resolve your query without further assistance.

The support is there, and it's comprehensive, but getting to it requires more effort than one might initially expect.

5. AI Features

Wix also incorporates AI features into its platform, although they are less extensive than those in Durable.

One of the AI features is Wix ADI, Artificial Design Intelligence. This feature assists users in generating a website by asking a series of questions about the type of site they want and then using that information to produce a custom design.

Wix Studio, for agencies and freelancers, also offers built-in AI tools. These are designed to make workflows more efficient.

Last is the Wix AI Site Generator. This is a recent version of Wix ADI. Details on how it specifically differs from Wix ADI still need to be clarified, but the implication is that it offers more automatic features for generating a website.

Wix Pricing

Wix offers a variety of pricing plans, starting with a free plan. The free plan includes free templates, unlimited pages, and free hosting. Note that the free plan comes with Wix ads displayed on your website.

Here are the premium features:

1. Website Plans

  • Connect Domain: At $4.50 per month, this is the most basic plan, and it still displays Wix branding on your site.
  • Combo: Priced at $8.50 per month, this plan is designed for personal use.
  • Unlimited: This one costs $12.50 monthly and targets entrepreneurs and freelancers.
  • VIP: At $24.50 a month, you get first-priority support. This plan is for those who want a professional site and need prompt customer service.

2. Business and eCommerce Plans

  • Business Basic: For $17 a month, you can start accepting online payments. This is the most basic plan for businesses.
  • Business Unlimited: Priced at $25 a month, this plan is designed to help your business grow.
  • Business VIP: At $35 a month, you get the full suite of business features.

3. Enterprise Plans

These are tailored for large-scale businesses. You need to contact Wix for custom pricing.

Positives of Wix

  • Extensive Customization Options: You can easily change colors, fonts, layouts, and even add custom animations. Developers who want more with the Wix platform can use Velo by Wix, a full-stack development platform.
  • Rich Library of Templates: There are over 800 free designer-made templates, each catering to different industries and needs.
  • Built-In SEO Tools: Wix offers built-in SEO tools. You can add meta descriptions, customize URL slugs and canonical tags, integrate with external CDN providers, etc. There's also an SEO Wiz feature that creates a personalized plan to improve your site's SEO

What Could Be Better

  • Lack of 'Responsive' Web Design: Although Wix says their templates are mobile responsive, they are not fully responsive. However, you can use Editor X to make your website more mobile responsive.
  • Template Lock-In: Once you've chosen a template and started building your website with Wix, you can't switch to another template without starting over. This could be a significant limitation if you decide halfway through that a different look would better suit your needs. You'll have to recreate your website from scratch. 
  • Difficulty in Contacting Support: Wix does offer 24/7 support for English users, but finding the actual “contact us” link can be a bit of a challenge. The website directs you to the Wix Help Center, where you'll have to navigate various other links and resources before getting to the contact information. If straightforward customer support is important to you, it’s worth looking at some Wix alternatives.

WordPress Overview

WordPress.org is a free, open-source platform for building websites. It's one of the most powerful and flexible website creation tools.

Unlike its counterpart, WordPress.com, which is hosted on WordPress's servers (this is more like Wix), WordPress.org allows you to host your website on your server.

This gives you full control over every aspect of your site. This level of control is one of the main reasons why many professionals and businesses go for WordPress.org.

WordPress powers over 43.1% of all websites and accounts for 63.1% of the global CMS market share.”

The main advantage of WordPress is its flexibility. You can start with a basic layout and then expand or tweak it as you see fit.

WordPress operates on a "core" software to which you can add features by installing plugins. Think of plugins as add-ons that give your website more functions.

For instance, if you want to add a contact form, there's a plugin. If you want to set up an online store, you can install the WooCommerce plugin.

WordPress Core Features

  • Ease of Use and Customization
  • Plugins
  • Content Management System
  • SEO Features

1. Ease of Use and Customization

WordPress boasts an impressive collection of 11,210 free themes. Each theme serves as a starting layout, providing your website's basic structure and design. 

You can easily find something that closely matches what you're looking for without building a website from scratch.

Unlike in Wix, switching between themes is easy. Once you decide on a new theme, you just activate it. The change is instant; you can preview your website's appearance before making the switch permanent.

WordPress employs the Gutenberg Block Editor for content creation and page layout. This editor makes adding, arranging, and styling various elements on your page easy.

The "blocks" can be anything: text, images, videos, or even custom code. You pick the type of block you want, drag it to where you want it on the page, and then fill it in with content. It's highly intuitive, allowing even those without technical know-how to put together a professional-looking site.

The Gutenberg editor also supports real-time editing. You can see the changes you make as you make them. You don't have to preview or publish the page to see how it will appear to visitors.


WordPress.org offers an extensive array of customization options and features, but there is a learning curve for newcomers.

Unlike other platforms that are more "plug-and-play," WordPress.org requires you to learn the ins and outs of its system to make the most out of it.

You'll need to get comfortable with terms like "plugins," "widgets," and "themes." Themes provide the overall design of your site, and plugins and widgets offer additional functionalities. Understanding these elements and their interaction is crucial for maximizing your website’s potential.

Additionally, you may encounter unfamiliar settings and options in the WordPress dashboard. These include permalink structures, user roles, and even basic SEO settings. If you're new to these concepts, you'll need to learn what they are and how they can benefit your website.
You should check out some WordPress alternatives if you are looking for a website builder that’s more beginner-friendly. 

2. Plugins

WordPress.org has an extensive library of plugins. 

As of 2023, the WordPress plugin repository offers over 59,000 free plugins, and many more are available from third-party developers.

The variety of plugins means you can extend your website's capabilities in almost any way you can imagine. Do you want to add a contact form? There's a plugin for that. Do you need to improve your website's SEO? There are multiple plugins to choose from.

Installing a plugin is generally straightforward. Go to the 'Plugins' section in your WordPress dashboard, search for what you need, and click 'Install.' After installing, you activate it. Often, a setup wizard will guide you through any necessary configurations.

Expert Tip: Be mindful of the plugins you choose. Some plugins are better coded, updated more frequently, and supported more reliably than others. Incompatible or poorly designed plugins will cause problems like slowing down your website or creating security vulnerabilities. So, read reviews, check ratings, and research before installing new plugins on your website.

Also, too many plugins can slow down your site's performance. You should only install the plugins you need and deactivate or delete those you don't use.

3. Content Management System (CMS) 

A CMS helps you create, manage, and modify website content without interacting directly with code.

What sets WordPress.org apart is its flexibility. The CMS allows you to build various sites—from simple blogs to complex ecommerce stores, portfolios, or social networks.

You can create pages, posts, and custom post types, categorize content in various ways, and use tags to help users and search engines navigate your site easily.

In WordPress, adding and managing media files like images, videos, and audio is straightforward. The built-in media library allows you to upload and store multiple media files, which you can later insert into your posts or pages.

4. SEO Features

WordPress.org has several features that make optimizing your website for search engines easier.

The official WordPress site says:

  • “WordPress, straight out of the box, comes ready to embrace search engines.”
  • “WordPress comes with built-in SEO tools, including the ability to use .htaccess to create static URLs called permalinks, blogrolling, and pinging.”

First, it allows you to create SEO-friendly URLs. For example, instead of a page URL like "website.com/?p=123," you can have "website.com/about-us." This is easier for people and search engines to understand.

Second, WordPress.org lets you easily add "meta descriptions" and "alt text" for images.

Third, WordPress.org is designed to be fast. Website speed is a factor that search engines consider when ranking sites. Using a well-coded theme and good-quality hosting, your WordPress.org site can load quickly, which helps your SEO. 

WordPress.org also supports plugins that can further enhance your SEO. One popular example is Yoast SEO. This plugin helps you set your focus keyword, add meta descriptions, and even gives you a readability score for your content.

Yoast SEO plugin

It provides tips and suggestions for improving various aspects of SEO.

Remember that although WordPress.org offers many built-in SEO features, you still have to put in the work.

SEO isn't just about setting things up and forgetting them. It's an ongoing process. You'll need to create quality content, get good backlinks, and make regular updates to continue ranking well in search engines.

WordPress Pricing

WordPress.org is an open-source platform, so the core software is free. However, running a WordPress website does come with other costs.

Here's a breakdown of the approximate costs:

  • Web Hosting: Ranges from $3 to $50 monthly, depending on the provider and plan.
  • Domain Name: Typically around $10 to $20 per year.
  • Premium Themes: Optional and can cost from $25 to $200 as a one-time fee.
  • Premium Plugins: These vary widely, from around $15 to $200 or even more, often as annual subscriptions.
  • Developer Costs: If you hire someone to set up or manage your site, costs can range from $20 to $150 per hour.

The additional elements you'll need to run and maintain your website will add to your expenses. The costs can be quite flexible and scaled up or down depending on your needs.

Positives of WordPress

  • Blogging: WordPress originally started as a blogging platform and remains the go-to solution for bloggers today. It offers all the features you'd need for blogging. You can easily create posts, categorize them, tag them, and make them SEO-friendly. The commenting system is also built-in, allowing for engagement with your audience. You can schedule posts to go live at specific times or backdate posts if needed. The RSS feed feature helps syndicate your content across other blogs and websites.
  • Ecommerce Friendly: With plugins, you can list products, set up a shopping cart, manage inventory, and handle payments all within your WordPress dashboard. WooCommerce also allows you to add extra features, like subscription services, booking systems, and more.
  • Multilingual Support: WordPress allows for easy translation and can support multiple languages.
  • Large Community Support: WordPress has a large and active community since it is one of the most widely used CMS platforms. You can find tutorials, forums, and other resources easily.

What Could Be Better

  • Learning Curve: WordPress can be a bit difficult for complete beginners. Unlike Durable, designed for ease of use right from the start, WordPress has many features and customization options. You have to learn how themes work, how to install plugins, and how to make sure everything is updated and secure. It's not too hard to learn, but a learning curve is definitely involved.
  • Maintenance: Keeping your WordPress site up to date requires some effort. You need to regularly update the core software, your themes, and your plugins. Failing to do so will make your site vulnerable to security risks.
  • Costs Can Add Up: WordPress is free, but you might end up paying for premium themes, plugins, and hosting services. These costs can add up quickly, especially if you're looking for specialized functionalities. A platform like Durable gives you all the features at one cost.

Wix vs. WordPress vs. Durable: Ease of Use and Customization


With a drag-and-drop builder, users can easily place elements like text, images, and videos on their pages.

The platform offers over 800 pre-designed templates. This is convenient for people without coding experience, but it can be limiting to those wishing for more advanced customization options.


WordPress takes a more open-ended approach. Users have the freedom to choose from over 11,000 free themes and can further customize them using plugins. It's highly versatile but requires some time to fully understand the system. You are not limited to predetermined templates or designs.

However, this level of freedom often requires a learning curve, especially for those without previous website-building experience.


Durable blends ease-of-use with advanced options. One of the standout features is the AI-assisted customization. Our AI generates layouts, color schemes, and even types of content that might suit your website’s purpose. This way, even users who aren't design-savvy can create attractive and functional websites.

Additionally, Durable's interface is designed to be straightforward, avoiding the overload of options that can sometimes make WordPress intimidating for new users.

Wix vs. WordPress vs. Durable: SEO Capabilities

Wix has built-in SEO features like meta description editing, image alt text, and an XML sitemap. These tools make it easier for beginners to get their site indexed and found on search engines without diving into the complexities of SEO.

WordPress doesn't offer built-in SEO features, but the availability of plugins like Yoast SEO can turn your website into an SEO powerhouse. These plugins guide you through the best practices, but you'll need to install and manage them separately, which may be cumbersome for some.

Durable has a built-in AI that provides suggestions for improving your content for better search engine visibility. For example, you can ask the AI Assistant for a marketing strategy to improve your site’s SEO. This is highly beneficial for those who are not experts in SEO.

Wix vs. WordPress vs. Durable: Integrations and Apps

Wix offers an App Market with over 500 apps that add various functionalities to your site. The focus is on simplifying the integration process, but the number of available apps is limited compared to WordPress.

WordPress has a virtually endless array of plugins for every conceivable website need. This is both a strength and a weakness. You have extensive options, but the sheer number can be overwhelming, and the quality varies.

Durable offers native integrations like Calendly and AI tools optimized to perform seamlessly within the Durable ecosystem, providing a smoother user experience.

Wix vs. WordPress vs. Durable: AI Capabilities

Wix has dabbled in AI through features like Wix ADI, which designs a website based on user input. This is useful for people who don't have a design background but want a good-looking site without hiring a professional.

WordPress doesn’t have native AI capabilities, but it is an open-source platform. This means developers have the flexibility to integrate third-party AI tools and plugins.

Durable takes AI to the next level. Not only does it offer built-in AI for website creation, but it also has features for content creation, business name generation, lead management, etc. These save time and provide insights that can drive better decision-making, all without requiring separate integrations or plugins.

Wix vs. WordPress vs. Durable: Pricing

Wix offers a free plan, but it displays Wix ads. Their premium plans range from $4.50 to $35 per month, providing options for personal and business needs.

Wix pricing table

WordPress is free to use, but you'll incur costs for hosting, themes, and plugins. The pricing can vary significantly depending on your needs, but it offers a more flexible pricing structure.

Durable offers a tiered pricing model designed to suit various business needs, from small to enterprise-level. Both pricing plans come with a full set of AI tools.

Durable pricing table

Wix vs. WordPress vs. Durable: E-commerce Capabilities

Wix has a solid set of e-commerce features. You get a fully functional online store if you subscribe to their Business and eCommerce plans.

WordPress doesn't offer built-in e-commerce features but compensates by allowing full integration with plugins like WooCommerce.

Currently, Durable doesn’t offer native e-commerce features. However, you can still use Durable to build an e-commerce website.

Wix, WordPress, or Durable: Which Should Your Business Choose?

After thoroughly examining their features, we've broken down how they fare across critical categories. Here's a scoring table to help guide your decision.

Feature Wix WordPress Durable
Ease of Use and Customization 4.7 4.5 4.9
SEO Capabilities 4.5 4.5 4.8
Integrations and Apps 4.6 4.6 4.4
AI Capabilities 4.4 4.4 4.9
Pricing 4.5 4.6 4.9
Average Score 4.7 4.5 4.8

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Durable’s intuitive interface eliminates the steep learning curve often associated with the two other platforms.

Also, Durable’s AI-assisted features simplify the design process and give you actionable insights to improve your online presence.

Durable offers this at a competitive price point and, therefore, provides real value for your investment.

Ready to get started? No credit card is required, so you can generate your website for free!

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