December 13, 2022
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We've Been Busy: The Latest from Durable


2022 is dwindling down. But we haven't been twiddling our thumbs and watching the days tick by.

This December, we went live with two of our biggest (and most requested) features. Both are designed to make your business stand out online, and both are purpose-built to help you attract clients and book more jobs faster than ever.

First up...

Our AI powered ad writer

Promoting your business shouldn't require hiring a copywriter (or banging your head against the wall developing clever copy). With our AI ad writer, you can generate promotional copy for your business in the time it takes to create a new Google document.

Next up...

Custom domains

We get it: not everyone who builds a website with us wants to have "Durable" in their url. Our custom domain feature recommends affordable domain names based on your business. The result? A memorable URL for clients to remember, a more professional look, and a stronger brand for your business.

Head to the Website section in your Durable app, and go to Settings.

Build and grow your business from $12 a month

For businesses just getting started, we created the Durable Starter Plan. Made for newly formed businesses, it gives you enough access to promotions, customer contacts, and invoices to book those first handful of jobs. And at $12 a month, it's accessible to more businesses looking to put their best foot forward. Here's what you get with each Durable subscription.

Bug squashes, polishes, and more

We move fast, so bugs happen. Our latest update squashes a handful of bugs spotted throughout our app, and includes some squeaky clean polishes to the overall experience.

Think you've spotted something we missed? Let us know over on Twitter or by sending us an email (

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