How to choose a social media company name

There are literally millions of people online trying to take advantage of the huge audiences available through social media channels. From small businesses to big corporations, organizations need social media pros like you. But for them to find and retain your services, you need to stand out from the crowd of competitors. One of the best ways to make that happen is by having a strong brand led by a memorable name. 

Before you choose one, it helps to understand what makes a great social media business name.

Social media business names should be…

As you explore potential social media marketing names, keep in mind that each one should embody these three characteristics.

1. Professional

There are a ton of self-styled social media managers online who have no pedigree, no business acumen, and no expertise beyond constantly scrolling TikTok. You’re better than that, so your name should be too. Make sure you only consider social media marketing company names that sound professional. Remember: professional does not mean boring or corporate sounding. You don't have to sound like a massive IT corporation (Share Tech) to create a professional presence.

Do: ShareWave Social

Don’t: Dave’s Facebook Biz

2. Creative

If your clients are creative geniuses on social, they won't be calling you. They need someone to help them come up with innovative and original campaigns for their businesses. So try to choose a name that feels creative, not boring, and distinctive. Remember: your name doesn't have to *directly* relate to the concept of "social media." A name like ShareWave can be great, but if you have a distinctive name paired to your brand, that's what matters most.

Do: 64-Bit Social

Don’t: Online Presence Solutions

3. Current yet Evergreen

This is a tricky one. On one hand, social media is all about staying at the leading edge of what’s happening online — and things move fast in the realm of social. Make sure your list of social media agency names looks towards the future. Avoid the faux pas of referencing something passé or outright obsolete. At the same time, don't jump on a current trend or bit of slang. You want your name to last for the long-term.

Do: Post Pulse Social

Don’t: MySpace Marketing; On Fleek Inc.

What are some good social media marketing business names?

Here are a few names generated with our AI name generator (and why we love them):

  • ClickClique. It’s clever, it’s alliterative, and it communicates what you do. What’s not to like?
  • NetworkNation. Perfect for a social media entrepreneur with cross-country aspirations.
  • Engagement Experts. Anybody can post on social media, but it’s engagement that counts.
  • Pixel Perfect Social: It's not directly related to social media, but that doesn't matter. It's creative, memorable, and alliterative.

More social media business names:

  • Social Sphere Solutions
  • Trending Tactics
  • Social Media Magic
  • Influencers International
  • Viral Ventures
  • CrowdConnections Strategies
  • Social Media Mavericks
  • Meme Machine
  • Viral Visionaries
  • Content Kings

Remember that every business name needs to be…

As you build your shortlist of potential names for your social media agency, remember that every item on that list should be memorable, simple, relevant, legal, and durable. So make sure your potential names are catchy, easy to read and say, related to the social media marketing industry, available to register in your state, and enduring enough that your name will last as your business grows and finds success. Then head over to Durable to generate your business website in less than a minute.