How to choose a digital marketing business name

When it comes to starting a digital marketing company, brand is everything. Your clients will expect you to create a brand for them and sell it to their customers, so you need to do exactly the same thing for your own business. It’s the first opportunity you have to showcase your skills and expertise. And your business name is a hugely important part of your brand, so it pays to understand what goes into great names for a digital marketing company.

If you’re still in the early stages of your digital marketing startup and you’d like a more complete guide to getting the ball rolling, head on over to how to start a digital marketing agency for comprehensive help. After that, tinker around with the AI website builder to get an idea of what your brand could look like—make one website, make a hundred, it only takes 30 seconds to see a completely new version and it’s free.

When you’re prepped to start looking at marketing company name ideas, the AI business name generator has an almost limitless supply for your perusal. Here are some things to consider before making your final decision.

Digital marketing business names should be…

When digging into digital marketing company name ideas, no matter what you choose, the name should represent three important characteristics.

1. Professional

Not every CEO is a TikTok-savvy trendsetter. Some of them might even be pretty old school and skeptical of marketing tactics that happen on the Information Super Highway. The first step to convincing them of your value is presenting a professional, reliable, and trustworthy brand. Save “The Social Media Marketing Dude” for a different project. Stick with marketing agency name ideas that inspire confidence in your abilities as a consultant and strategist.

Do: Focus Strategies Group

Don’t: The Marketing Bae

2. Creative

Your clients are expecting you to conceive and create tactics and strategies that they couldn’t come up with on their own. So digital marketing business name ideas should communicate creativity and innovation above and beyond what the average company can do for itself.

Do: BrandCraft Solutions

Don’t: Dave Johnson LLC

3. Competent

Creativity is of course super critical to your success as a digital marketer. But potential digital marketing company names should also show that you know what you’re doing, whether that means your recommendations are backed by years of experience, loads of reliable data, or both (preferably both!)

Do: Visionary Media Group

Don’t: Wild Ideas Inc.

What are some good digital marketing agency names?

Spend a couple minutes with our AI name generator. You’ll discover an endless supply of marketing name ideas, including these three great examples.

  • PixelPromote. Topping the list of our favorite digital marketing names, this one communicates what you do (promotions), where you do it (digitally), without any silly fad language. Plus everyone loves alliteration.
  • Digital Advertising Alliance. This example makes your company feel big, professional, and replete with resources (even if you’re just one person).
  • Conversion Creators. Companies in the modern age are hyper-motivated to convert visitors into customers. This name capitalizes on that desire while reinforcing your expertise as a creator.

More excellent digital marketing business names:

  • Visibility Vanguards
  • Social Spark Solutions
  • DigiBoost Media
  • AdTech Masters
  • AdPro Digital
  • AdvertiseXpress
  • SEO Kings
  • Digital Visibility Experts
  • ReachRocket

Remember that every business name needs to be…

When you start to narrow down your list of potential digital marketing agency names, don’t forget that the one you choose should be:

  • Memorable. Catchy at a glance.
  • Simple. Easy to read, easy to say, easy to spell.
  • Relevant. It should reflect what your business does.
  • Legal. Available to register with your state government.

And last but not least, your chosen business name should be durable—it should be long lasting and appealing for years to come as you scale your business and find more and more success. Once you’ve figured out which name fits the bill for your digital marketing business, you can start setting up your new career with Durable.