How to choose a landscaping business name

Whether you’re a mow and blow specialist or a full-service garden and turf expert, your landscaping business lives and dies on the strength of your reputation. So it’s critical that you have a recognizable brand to carry your positive image. And the best way to start growing your brand is to choose a good name for your landscaping company.

If you’ve just started thinking about launching your own landscaping business, you might not be at the naming stage yet. If that’s the case, check out how to start a landscaping business for a complete look at what it takes to set up your operation as quickly as possible. After that, you might want to spend a couple of minutes with the AI website builder to get a mental picture of what your brand could look like in the future.

When you’re ready to think about catchy names for your landscaping business, the AI business name generator is waiting to offer up an endless supply. For now, let’s take a look at the characteristics of great landscaping business names.

Good landscaping business names should be…

A AI name generator is super helpful when creating a shortlist of potential landscaping business name ideas. Just make sure they are:

1. Professional

There is a big difference between a guy with a lawn mower and an actual pro landscaper. All of your landscaping name ideas should communicate professionalism so that potential clients have an expectation of high-quality service, as well as things like insurance and proper invoicing.

Do: Evergreen Landscaping Services

Don’t: The Rusted Rake Landscaping

2. Knowledgeable

Your clients could probably hire the neighbor’s kid to mow their lawn, but they’re looking for a landscaper because they want an expert to deal with their grass, trees, flowers, hedges, and more. So don’t just stock your shortlist with clever landscaping names, make sure you’re considering landscaping company name ideas that suggest your knowledge and experience in the field (literally!)

Do: Yard Masters

Don’t: Two Dudes with Rakes

3. Quiet

This is a bit of a weird one, but think about it from your customer's perspective. Landscapers have a reputation for being a little on the noisy side. Lawn mowers, leaf blowers, wood chippers—you get the idea. So go with creative landscaping names that feel calm and quiet, rather than aggressive and raucous, and your clients won’t worry so much about annoying their neighbors.

Do: SereneScapes

Don’t: More Power Landscaping

What are some good landscape company names?

We spent a couple minutes with our AI business name generator and came up with these three great landscape business names ideas.

  • TranquilTurf. Homeowners often want a landscaper to transform their boring yard into a verdant oasis of relaxation. This name lets them know you’re the person for the job. It's also a tiny bit playful and fun without bordering on silly.
  • Green Thumb Landscaping. This name shows you’re not just an expert, you’ve got a natural talent for dealing with plants.
  • Garden Design Studio. You’re not just a human with a hedge trimmer, you’re a designer who works in a studio. Okay maybe not, but this name reinforces the careful attention to detail you put into every outdoor space.

More cool landscaping names:

  • Floral Landscapes Unlimited
  • Flowerbeds and Beyond
  • Green Earth Turf Solutions
  • Leafy Lawn Keepers
  • Grass Roots Landscaping & Design
  • Evergreen Arbor Arts 
  • Bowery Treescapes 
  • Rooted Landscaping 
  • Tree-Mendous Landscaping 
  • Branch Out Designs 

Remember that every business name needs to be…

Memorable, simple, relevant, legal, and durable. These are the qualities of every great service business name, including the one you choose for your landscaping company. Which is to say, the very best small business names are catchy to the eye and ear, easy to read and say, appropriate for the landscaping industry, available to register in your state, and long lasting, so that your name can grow and scale as your business finds success. When you’re ready to start following the garden path to your new career, be sure to work with Durable to make it happen.