How to choose a handyman business name

The handyman business is a great way to use your knowledge of renovation and repairs to make a living—but only if you can build a customer base that knows your home solutions can be trusted. So the first thing you need to do to start growing your reputation is put a name on your services. But before you choose a name, there are some things you should consider before making a final decision.

If you haven’t started your business yet, it’s worth it to have a look through how to start a handyman business before you do anything else. It’ll give you a great foundation on which to build your new business. After that, head over to the AI website builder and take 30 seconds to generate a complete website that will help you envision what’s possible for your brand.

When you’re ready to explore handyman business names ideas, the AI business name generator is ready to help you make a list of options. Let’s take a look at what makes the best names for a handyman business.

Handyman business names should be…

When looking at suggestions for clever handyman business names from our AI name generator, there are three essential attributes that you should consider.

1. Trustworthy

As a handyman, you’ll often be inside people’s homes under limited supervision. They need to feel assured that you’re not going to break things, steal their valuables, or overcharge them for work they didn’t need (or that you didn’t do). The best handyman business names communicate that you can be trusted.

Do: Reliable Repair Specialists

Don’t: Magic Repairs

2. Knowledgeable

There is a difference between someone who is handy and a professional handyman. Good handyman business names should reinforce that you are the latter because of your experience and expertise.

Do: Craftsman Services

Don’t: Friendly Neighbor Repairs

3. Professional

Your clients want to feel like they are hiring a service provider who is insured and bonded, who operates a well-known business with a great reputation, and who will conduct operations in a courteous, aboveboard manner, especially when it comes to invoicing and payments. Professional business names for a handyman help clients to see your enterprise as legitimate.

Do: Home-Pro Handyman

Don’t: Two Guys With a Truck Ltd.

What are some good names for a handyman business?

We took a few minutes to review dozens of suggestions from our AI business name generator. Here are three cool handyman business names that we love.

  • Conscientious Carpentry. Creative handyman business names often include alliteration because it’s catchy and people will remember it. Plus, homeowners will rest assured that their living spaces will be safe and secure under your care.
  • Precision Pro Handyman Services. It’s professional, it indicates your attention to detail, and it covers everything from home repairs to full scale renovations.
  • The Nuts & Bolts Guru. Funny handyman business names can be a way to gain recognition for your business. Just make sure the name still communicates your expertise.

More catchy handyman business names:

  • Professional Home Transformations
  • Home Makeover Masters
  • Finish Line Renovations
  • Home and Office Repair Experts
  • Regal Renovations
  • Handy Home Solutions
  • House Doctors
  • Home Repair Kings
  • Precise Pro Handyman
  • Meticulous Maintenance

Remember that every business name needs to be…

As you get closer to making a decision about a name for your handyman business, remember that there are five characteristics that all business names should have. They should be:

  • Simple. Easy to read, say, and spell.
  • Memorable. Just a glance or mention is enough to remember it.
  • Relevant. Pertinent to the handyman industry.
  • Legal. Available for registration in your state.
  • Durable. Timeless, so that your name endures and provides lasting value to your business as you scale and find success.

Once you’ve made your decision on a name, take the next step and start your handyman business with Durable.