How to choose a graphic design business name

There are a lot of terrible graphic designers out there. So if you’re skilled at the pixelated arts and starting your very own graphic design business, it’s important that you stand out from the crowd. The best place to start building your professional brand? Your graphic design business name. It will often be the first thing potential clients learn about you, so before you select a label for your new enterprise, it’s worth it to understand the critical elements of your graphic design business name.

You might be in the very earliest stages of your startup—if so, head on over to how to start a graphic design business for a comprehensive look at everything you need to do to start earning money quickly with as little hassle as possible. Next, try out the AI website builder to jumpstart your brain into branding mode. It will help you imagine what is possible and build context for the name you eventually choose.

Okay, now you’re ready to think about graphic design business names and the AI business name generator is ready to make suggestions. So let’s take a look.

Graphic design and photography business names should be…

As you explore options from the graphic design business names generator, keep these three critical characteristics in mind.

1. Creative

Everyone and their dad has access to the tools of your trade these days: design software, cameras, etc. Tech has gotten so cheap (or even free) that even a goofball with an old smartphone can build a decent-looking brochure or birthday card. But that goofball lacks talent and creativity, and he knows it. So make sure you prioritize creative names for your graphic design business

Do: Creative Alchemy Design

Don’t: Bob Johnson LLC

2. Innovative

Potential clients are likely to be looking for someone who has their finger on the creative pulse, and what what the next big thing is. To be blunt, if you've got to be on top of industry trends if you want to bag the most clients. Companies like to be at the leading edge of branding, rather than playing catchup, so choose a name that shows off your groundbreaking inventiveness. Sure, "innovative" is a bit of a tired word in the realm of design — but it's exactly what most clients will be looking for.

Do: Visual Vision Design

Don’t: Conservative Design Co.

3. Professional

Creative pros are not always known for their business acumen, or even showing up on time. So value-conscious CEOs want to feel like they are hiring someone who will deliver on the terms of the contract in a professional manner. Make sure you shortlist photography and graphic design business names that communicate reliability and trustworthiness. Remember: professional doesn't have to mean boring!

Do: Articulate Arts Studios

Don’t: Graphic Geeks

What are some cool names for a graphic design business?

If you spend just a little time using our AI name generator, you’ll discover an almost endless list of great suggestions, like these three.

  • Creative Capture Solutions. It’s professional, communicates creativity, and suggests that you take photos as well. The trifecta!
  • ShutterVision Creative. This example looks forward into the future of photography, graphic design, and branding. Awesome.
  • Logo Masters. It’s specific, professional, and indicates your expertise as a logo designer. Great for illustrators who also do design work.

More fantastic graphic design and photography business names:

  • Imagination Forge
  • LogoLab
  • Bright Idea Design
  • Brandtastic Designs
  • Pixel Perfectionists
  • LogoCraftsmen
  • Imagination Ink
  • Logosmiths
  • Palette of Possibilities
  • Brilliant Brushwork Design

Remember that every business name needs to be…

As you jot down great suggestions from the AI name generator, don’t forget that the name you choose for your small business also needs to be simple, memorable, relevant, and legal. Which is to say, your graphic design business name should be easy to read, spell, and say, catchy in the minds of potential customers, applicable to your industry, and legal and available for registration in your state. But your name should also be durable—enduring and continuously appealing for years to come as you scale your business toward success. When you’re ready to take the first step on the path to your future career, be sure to get started with Durable.