How to choose a cleaning business name

One of the most important choices you’ll have to make when starting your professional cleaning business is the name. Your cleaning business name is the heart of your brand and the element that you’ll build your professional reputation around. So it makes sense to think about what you need to get from your business name and what it might say about you before making a decision.

If you’re just starting your entrepreneurial journey, take some time to have a look over the straightforward steps in how to start a cleaning business. From there, start imagining what your cleaning business website could look like—if you want to see a sample of what’s possible, check out this cleaning website template. Or go ahead and start playing around with the AI website builder to see what it comes up with, no strings attached.

Once you’ve got a picture in your mind of your future business, it’s naming time! So roll up your sleeves and we can get into the dirty details of choosing a name for your cleaning business. Then hit up the cleaning business names generator to see what our very intelligent AI comes up with for your new enterprise.

Cleaning business names should be…

When considering names for your cleaning business, there are three things above all else that your name should convey to your current and potential clients.

1. Trustworthy

You’re going to be inside people’s homes, often unsupervised, using chemicals, digging around in their fridges and bathrooms, and dealing with their dirtiest messes. They need to trust that you’re not going to steal things, break things, or gossip about things. So your business name needs to feel trustworthy in order to start building that relationship with your clients.

Do: Clean-Cut Cleaners

Don’t: The Broom Bandit

2. Professional

Cleaning service providers don’t always have the best reputation for professionalism thanks to unfair media portrayals of school janitors, garbage men, and similar roles. Your name should be as professional and polished as your cleaning services—make it sound like a reliable company that delivers expert results, not just some dude with a mop.

Do: Perfectly Polished

Don’t: The Dirt Dude

3. Clean

In the search for catchy cleaning business names, staying on theme is a must. A name that actually communicates cleaning services is a better option than John Smith LLC or whatever the default business name might be in your state. So try to choose one that tells a little story about your niche of the cleaning industry.

Do: Spotless Shine

Don’t: Home Solutions Inc.

What are some good cleaning business names?

If you’re looking for cleaning business name ideas, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got an endless supply thanks to our AI name generator. So what are some good names for a cleaning business? Let’s take a look.

  • Clean-n-go. Simple, to the point, and perfect for the cleaner who specializes in speedy service for emergency or on-demand cleanups, rather than in-depth, all day sanitizing.
  • Clean & Cozy Home Services. Communicates that your company prioritizes home cleaning, leaving houses feeling warm and inviting, not bleached and sanitized.
  • Crystal Clear Office Cleaning. Offices tend to be filled with sensitive information, like customer data and financial info, so they need to trust the person cleaning their spaces. Transparency is an ideal metaphor for trustworthiness. Plus it just sounds nice when you say it.

More unique cleaning business names that we love:

  • Bio-Safe Cleaning
  • Eco-Safe Sanitation
  • Disposal Masters
  • Total Industrial Sanitation Solutions
  • Weekly Wash
  • Supreme Shine Housekeeping
  • Professional Polishers
  • Sani-Shield Solutions
  • Forensic Fumigators
  • Biohazard Banishers

Remember that every business name needs to be…

Don’t forget that when you’re trying to come up with catchy names for a cleaning business, potential monikers should be memorable, simple, relevant, legal, and durable. That is, names need to be able to stick in the minds of your customers, easy to read and pronounce, applicable to the type of business, legally available in your state or country, and of course, scalable as your cleaning business grows from a tiny seed to a profitable purification powerhouse. The right name will set you up for years of success, all you have to do is choose one, then start your business with Durable.