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The CRM for service businesses

The CRM for service businesses

Durable is the best CRM for service businesses.

September 7, 2022
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Most small businesses are best described as organized chaos. If they’re lucky. 

Mostly, they’re just chaotic. You’re wearing 12 different hats - trying to market your services, collect invoices, communicate with clients, and, finally, delivering the work. 

Typically, a business will start with by using a personal phone number and email address. 

This quickly becomes unwieldy as your personal and business communications get mixed up. Customer leads get lost in the mix, and you lose business. 

The solution to this? A customer relationship management tool - a CRM. 

A CRM is the number one tool most businesses invest in after reaching a certain size. It keeps all your customer data organized in one place, syncs all your communication, and makes it easy to stay in touch with customers without overloading your inbox. 

We don’t think CRMs should be limited to larger businesses - that’s why we built one for you. 

The Durable CRM securely syncs with your inbox, pulling in all your customer communication. You can view customer data (like names, contact details, and addresses), create as many custom fields as you need, and add notes. 

The Durable CRM is fully linked with our invoicing platform, so you can directly link an invoice with a customer - and view their invoicing history. 

We designed the Durable CRM to be simple to use - all you need to get started is to sync your inbox, and add your first customer. 

Try it today! 


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