October 3, 2023
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Elevate Your Business with the Latest in AI Web Design


How do you measure the impact of AI web design? In milliseconds.

Fifty milliseconds, to be exact. According to one study, that’s how long it takes a visitor to decide if they like a website.

The same study revealed 94% of users are likely to leave a website if its design doesn’t meet their standards, and that 75% of a company’s online credibility is based on design alone.

For a small business, effective web design isn’t just about looking good online. It’s about gaining trust, attracting customers, and—at the end of the day—making money.

But how do you build a useful, beautiful website for your business without muddling through hours of online tutorials or shelling out thousands of dollars to a freelancer?

You get an AI web designer to do the job for you.

AI web design. But good.

When AI tools like ChatGPT went mainstream, major companies—from Google to Microsoft to Spotify—rushed to add AI features to their products.

Many of the big web hosting companies did the same, adding features like AI-generated text and images to already overburdened, overcomplicated web editing apps.

Durable is different. We didn’t add AI to our web design and marketing tools as an afterthought.

We started by looking at what AI could do, and asking, “How can this technology help small business owners?” And we built our product from there.

The result is a powerful, intuitive AI website builder that has allowed business owners with no design experience launch their businesses online.

Those same business owners have taken advantage of Durable’s AI-powered promotions, content marketing, and CMS tools to scale up and compete with the big players in their industries.

Durable was one of the world’s first AI website builders. Now, we’re more than that—the world’s first and best AI for web design.

We’re introducing a new design toolkit for Durable users. So it’s easy to customize and beautify your small business’s website, and make those first fifty milliseconds really count.

Palettes, font pairings, and colors galore

The new Theme tab in Durable’s AI web design generator gives you a massive selection of pre-designed palettes for your site, plus a wide range of font pairings and other design options.

How to adjust your website’s palette

You can choose your own colors for design elements on your site, or you can use one of our pre-designed palettes.

A palette consists of four colors specially selected to work together. Durable’s palettes are organized according to mood.

Once you select a palette, the colors are applied to all elements of your site.

It’s worth spending some time experimenting. A simple change of palettes can completely transform how your site comes across to visitors.

Open the Theme tab in the AI web design generator and use the mood menu to browse different palettes.

How to adjust your website’s font pairings

Like colors, the combination of typefaces on your site changes how you come across to visitors.

Different fonts convey different messages, and you’ll want to experiment to find a combo that suits your business. For instance, an enormous website heading in Comic Sans may be a good fit if you do children’s face painting, but not so much if you’re a contract lawyer.

Scroll down in the Themes tab menu to select different font pairings and see how they appear on your site.

Thousands of combinations

From within the Theme menu, there are (literally) thousands of different combinations you can choose, each one giving your site a different look and feel.

Add AI-powered images and copy, and it’s easy to create a website as unique as your business.

Page load animations and more

Colors and fonts are just part of the story. The Theme menu gives you control over just about every aspect of how your site appears to visitors.

That includes page load animations. A page load animation, applied across your site from the Theme menu, affects how every design element appears when visitors navigate to it.

For instance, here some different animations applied to one section on a Durable website:

New, better section templates

In the Durable AI web designer, sections are the building blocks of your site.

Each section has its own template that determines how content is generated and displayed. Whether you’re using Durable’s AI web design tools to generate a finished product, a first draft, or a placeholder until you create your own content, the section template you choose directly impacts how visitors experience your site.

With the latest update, the number of section templates available has more than doubled. You can expect that selection to grow: Durable is partnering with select third-party designers like Common Ninja to create new, adaptable section templates for our AI website builder.

Here are some highlights.

Improved lists

Lists are one of the most versatile section types. You can use them to describe pricing packages, services or products you offer, unique selling points, or virtually any information that can be put into point form.

Durable’s newest update includes list superpowers. Now when you generate a list on your website, you can adjust almost every feature, including:

  • Colors, dividers, and borders
  • Cropping for each photo
  • Page load animations
  • Spacing and aspect ratio of images
  • Whether to use icons or photos
  • What kind of content appears (headers, body text, photos)
  • Custom loading animations and section break designs

You can access all of these options by clicking the edit button in the section menu bar.

Pricing tables

The new pricing tables section is the most attractive way to show potential customers how different service packages compare. Super customizable, it works for virtually any type of service-based business—whether you’re building apps or mowing lawns.

Restaurant menus

Created by our friends at Common Ninja, this mouthwatering template is a straightforward, attractive way to feature your restaurant’s menu on the main page of your site.

No more hastily snapped photos of paper menus and chalkboards, or hours spent trying to craft the perfect downloadable menu. The web design AI does all the work for you while giving you maximum control over user experience.

Facebook feeds

It only takes a few seconds to embed a feed from your business’s Facebook page on your website. The Facebook feed section template by Common Ninja includes a wide range of controls to adjust how your feed appears and which content is featured.

That makes it easier for your visitors to connect with you on social media and stay up to date with your latest news and content.

Fine-grained content control

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to content for your website. We’ve updated controls for generating, editing, and re-generating AI content in Durable—so you can choose copy, graphics, and other images perfect for the audience you’re targeting.

AI-powered content marketing, now on autopilot

Our blog creator generates useful, relevant marketing content on demand. And now you can schedule it to work for you on a recurring schedule.

On your blog page, hit the Auto-post button to schedule weekly, biweekly, or monthly blog posts. The web design AI will generate them automatically for you. It can even send you a text message alerting you when a new blog post goes live.

Improved output with tighter controls

We’ve improved AI output across the board, so content generated by the AI website builder is more likely to appeal to your audience and convert leads.

You also have more control when the AI regenerates content for you: Choose to regenerate the design, the written copy, or both. No need to lose marketing copy your like or a design choice you love just for the sake of seeing a different version.

A template for every side hustle

Durable’s AI generated web design now features 30+ templates, and the list is growing. Durable’s AI selects from these templates and adjusts them when it creates your site.

Each template is fine-tuned for the needs of a particular type of business. And since you can create a nearly unlimited number of small businesses within your Durable account, you can test every one of them.

It’s especially useful if you have a variety of solo businesses and side hustles.

Lead hiking tours full-time and run an indie games studio on the side? Tutor students in Italian and lead pasta-making workshops on the weekend? Whatever you’ve going on, Durable has you covered.


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