June 14, 2023
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An Entire Blog in Minutes | Introducing Durable's AI Blog Builder


Content marketing helps a business generate more traffic and bring in new leads. It also keeps your business top-of-mind with existing clients and customers, and helps you compete for search engine rankings. But content marketing takes a lot of time (and money). And until now, most small businesses have been unable to afford it.

We just changed that. We’re excited to announce the launch of our AI blog builder — the first platform that generates an entire blog with articles in minutes. With our AI blog builder, we're unlocking access to the huge benefits of content marketing for millions of small business owners.

The natural next step for Durable’s AI website builder

Since launching our Durable AI website builder last year, we’ve helped more than two million small businesses and solopreneurs create their online brands. 

But ever since going live, we've consistently received one big question: "Can I add a blog to my website?" As of today, any business can add a working, beautiful blog to their website in just a few clicks.

And unlike other blog writers (or ChatGPT), it does everything for you: uploading your content, finding photography, formatting your blog post, and optimizing your post for SEO.

First, head to your website editor. Then, hit the "+" symbol in your top navigation (it will be right beside "Home"). Then, it's as simple as adding a page to your Durable website (psst, have you seen our latest ability to add templated pages to your website?).

Once your website has a blog section, it takes seconds to generate your first post. The AI will generate a list of topics based on information about your business. Or, enter your own.

Our AI blog builder uses the same technology powering the most popular AI writing tools to create engaging, high-converting content you can share with followers on social media or through your newsletter. 

Plus, by regularly publishing quality content on your website, you help to improve and maintain your ranking in Google search results.

Highly customizable AI generated content that reads and looks great

Your AI blog builder creates customized, highly shareable content tailored for your business—but that doesn’t mean you have to use it word-for-word.

Within the Generator, you’re free to make your own edits to the AI’s work:

No need for annoying backend CMS tools. Just start editing right within the post itself.

Or you could just ask it to generate something completely new from scratch. It takes seconds:

You can also make text style adjustments—size, font, color, boldness—to suit your style, needs, and brand:

With each blog post, your AI blog builder selects a header image based on the post topic. You can opt to swap it out for a different image, upload your own, or select a solid color background:

Any change you’d like to make is at your fingertips. It's effortless, fast, and powerful.

The only AI blog writer built for small businesses

Until now, AI content marketing tools have been designed for experts already well-versed in content creation and AI. Most of them offer extremely limited trials, and many require a credit card in order to sign up. They're also a pain to setup and use on a daily basis.

Our AI blog builder is designed specifically for small business owners. That means it’s adaptable, ready to generate content on any topic—from car detailing to video production to construction. 

It also means the AI blog builder is a tool anyone can use. Your AI blog builder doesn’t require a background in design, content or marketing, or any prior experience with AI. It takes the information you’ve already provided about your business, and generates custom content in seconds. It also requires zero experience in AI prompting (which is the only way to get acceptable content out of ChatGPT).

And it’s free to try for the first 90 days. Meaning, you have three months to experiment with the AI blog builder—plus Durable’s AI website builder—before deciding whether to pay.

The first website builder with built in AI content

Durable’s AI website builder already gives you the tools you need to create a custom website for your business in just 30 seconds.

Now, with the AI blog builder as part of the package, it’s the first website builder to offer in-platform content marketing tools.

To see what Durable’s website builder can do, and how easy it is to create content marketing with the AI blog builder, sign up for a free trial.

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