November 2, 2023
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How to Build a Website in Under 10 Minutes in 2024


Traditionally, building a website was a hassle. It involved endless coding sessions, puzzling over design choices, and constantly tweaking until everything seemed right.

The time varied greatly depending on the site's complexity and the developer's skills.

  • For a basic site, it’d take you 4 to 8 weeks.
  • A complex site with custom features and e-commerce would take 3 to 6 months or more.

But thanks to advancements in technology, particularly the integration of AI, you can now build a website quickly. How quick? You can get a fully-functioning website in under 10 minutes.

And we’ll show you how.

Stop Wasting Time and Money Hiring People to Build Your Website

On the search engine results page, thousands of articles promise you the 'ultimate guide' to website building. They often come with hefty-priced services from website developers, design agencies, and content creators.

You don’t need them, especially not in this era of AI, where you can generate a website in 30 seconds.

According to PRNewswire, only 46% of small businesses create and manage their websites with in-house employees. The biggest percentage of businesses outsource website-building services.

A significant portion of their budget goes into hiring external agencies and freelancers.

Now, considering the cost of making a website can range from $60 for a simple WordPress site to thousands of dollars, this will likely not be feasible if you’re a small business owner or a budding entrepreneur.

However, with Durable, you need $0 to build your website. You don’t need to hire a developer, a copywriter, or a graphic designer. Durable AI does it all for you.

Are you still skeptical? Let's show you how to use Durable to build your website in under ten minutes.

How to Build a Website Quickly (with Durable)

  • Step #1: Get Started and Start by Defining Your Industry
  • Step #2: Specify Your Location
  • Step #3: Name Your Business
  • Step #4: Let AI Work Its Magic
  • Step #5: Customize Your Site
  • Step #6: Set Up Your Domain
  • Step #7: Go Live!
  • Step #8: Promote Your Website

Step #1: Get Started and Start by Defining Your Industry

Go to Durable’s homepage and click the call-to-action button “Generate your website.”

Durable homepage‍

After clicking the button, Durable will ask about your industry. This is where you input specifics about the type of business you’re building.

Be as detailed as possible, as this helps our AI customize its approach.

Benefits of Clear Definition with Durable

Our platform is designed to make website building as intuitive and efficient as possible. When you provide a clear and accurate definition of your industry:

  • We will be able to use appropriate website templates that resonate with your business type.
  • We will include features and tools commonly used in your industry.
  • Your website's overall design, layout, and user experience will be optimized for your specific business, ensuring higher user engagement and satisfaction.

Tips on Defining Your Industry Effectively

  • Be Specific: The more detailed you are, the better. Instead of just saying "retail," specify whether you’re into fashion retail, electronics retail, or any other subtype.
  • Consider Your Audience: Your website should appeal to your target audience. Think about who they are and what they expect from a website in your industry. Think about your best customer or the kind of person you want to visit your site. What do they like?
  • Research Competitors: A quick look at competitors’ websites can give you insights into how they define and position themselves. This isn’t about copying but understanding your industry's standards and norms.
  • Future Plans Matter: If you plan to expand or diversify your business soon, factor that into your industry definition. For instance, if you sell books but plan to offer stationery items soon, you might want to define your industry as "books and stationery retail."

Expert Tip

If you're unsure or confused about which industry your business or idea fits into, don't worry. Our platform has a helpful feature for that.

Just click on the option that says "See some suggestions."

Durable will provide you with a list of various industries to consider. 

This way, you can explore different categories and choose the one that feels like the best match for your website. It's a straightforward way to get a bit of direction when setting up your site.

Click “regenerate” to get different industry ideas.

Time Taken: 30 seconds.

Step #2: Specify Your Location

After inputting your type of business, click “Next.” The next step is to input the location of your business.

Why Is Location Important?

  • Relevance to Local Customers: Letting visitors know where you're based makes it easier for local customers to find you. Someone searching for a "bookstore in Denver" is more likely to visit your site if they know you're in Denver.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Search engines often prioritize local businesses in search results. If someone is looking for a service near them, the search engine wants to show them options that are nearby.
  • Builds Trust: Displaying a physical address or location can enhance trustworthiness. People like knowing they're dealing with an actual, tangible entity, not just a faceless online presence.

At Durable, we understand the significance of location for your business. That's why we have made specifying your location user-friendly and intuitive.

  • Simple Input Field: When you reach the location step, you'll see a straightforward input field asking for your business location. You don’t need to be tech-savvy. Simply type in your location. For example, if you're based in Austin, Texas, just type "Austin." The platform will show you locations similar to your input. Choose your location.

  • Flexibility for Online Businesses: If you run a digital enterprise and don't have a physical address to share, Durable allows you to proceed without inputting any location. It's an inclusive tool designed to accommodate all types of ventures. Type N/A to proceed.
  • Privacy Options: If you want to share only the State and not a specific town, Durable lets you do that.
  • Interactive Map Integration: Durable integrates an interactive map on your website once you provide your location. This feature benefits businesses like restaurants, stores, or any entity customers might want to visit in person. It offers a visual representation and can guide customers directly to your doorstep.

Remember, your location represents your brand's presence and accessibility.

Helpful Tips When Specifying Your Location

Here are some extra pointers to ensure you get the most out of specifying your location:

  • Accuracy is Key: Always double-check the address or location you input. An error can mislead potential customers or reduce your site's credibility.
  • Think Customer-Centric: Ask yourself, "What would a visitor want to know?" If you have multiple locations, consider listing the primary or head office address and providing a link to a separate page that lists all locations.
  • Avoid Abbreviations: Fully spell out street names, city names, and states. This not only improves clarity but can also help search engines index your location correctly.
  • Update Regularly: If you move or expand to new locations, update the website promptly. An outdated address can lead to lost business opportunities.

Time Taken: 30 seconds.

Step #3: Name Your Business

The next step is inputting the name of your business.

Choosing a business name is one of the most exciting steps when starting a new venture. It represents your brand and identity and is the first thing many people will know about you.

When building a website with Durable, inputting your business name is straightforward. Yet, there's more to think about than just typing a name into a box.

Why is a Business Name Important?

  • First Impressions: Your business name is often the first thing potential customers will see. It sets the tone for their expectations: professionalism, creativity, reliability, or fun.
  • Brand Identity: Your business name is a cornerstone of your brand identity. It conveys the nature of your business, its values, and the experience customers can expect.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): An appropriate name helps improve your website's visibility on search engines. For example, "Mike's Quick Plumbing" will likely rank higher in search results for "quick plumbing services" than a generic or unrelated name.
  • Legal Protection: You can easily trademark a unique business name. This protects you from others attempting to use a name too similar to yours and causing confusion in the market.
  • Connection and Emotional Impact: Names can evoke emotions. A thoughtfully chosen name resonates with the feelings you want to associate with your business: excitement, trust, luxury, or warmth.

Selecting the Right Business Name

Your business name should be unique to avoid confusion with other entities, especially those within your industry or geographic area. But being distinct isn't enough. The name should also be relevant to the services or products you offer.

When people hear it, they should immediately understand your business. 

Simplicity is another essential aspect. You'll want a name that's easily spelled and pronounced so potential customers can effortlessly search for your business online or share it via word of mouth.

And think about the long term. Your business might evolve. Choosing a name that can grow and adapt to your enterprise is crucial. 

For instance, if you begin with a specific offering like cupcakes but later branch out to a broader range of pastries, a more general name might suit you better in the long run.

Expert Tip

Durable has integrated a handy feature to help you in this step: the Business Name Generator.

If you're stuck or want inspiration, you don't have to leave the platform or scour the web for ideas. It's all available right there for you.

Just below the input box, click on "See some suggestions."

Durable business name generator

The Business Name Generator doesn't give you random names. It considers the information you've provided, like your industry and location.

This ensures that the suggestions are tailored to be relevant to your business.

Also, Durable offers a list instead of just one or two names. This variety allows you to explore different naming directions, from straightforward descriptive names to more abstract ones.

You can click “regenerate” until you get a name you feel is right for your business.

Remember, the names the generator provides are suggestions. You can take them as they are, tweak them, or use them as inspiration to create something unique.

Time Taken: One minute

Step #4: Let AI Work Its Magic

Once you've completed the initial steps — defining your industry, specifying your location, and naming your business — it's time to let Durable's AI create.

Durable AI generating your website

Relax and watch. The creation process is swift once you've given our AI website generator the green light. You'll have a professionally designed website ready for review in just a few seconds. 

This step eliminates the guesswork and overwhelming choices that often bog down the website creation process.

The Process Behind the Creation Process

  • Gathering Data: Using the information you've provided in the previous steps, Durable begins by understanding the nature of your business, its geographical significance, and the brand persona implied by your business name.
  • Template Selection: Based on the above data, the AI sifts through hundreds of professionally designed templates to select the one that aligns best with your business. These templates are visually appealing and optimized for user experience and conversion rates.
  • Customization: Durable doesn't stop at template selection. The AI also customizes the chosen template based on modern design trends and the nuances of your industry. This means the color schemes, fonts, and layout get tweaked to resonate with your brand identity and appeal to your target audience.
  • Content Arrangement: The AI smartly arranges placeholder content in a way that makes logical sense for your industry and visitors. For example, an e-commerce website will have a different layout and emphasis than a blog or a portfolio site.
  • Mobile Optimization: With over 58% of internet traffic coming via mobile devices, your site must be mobile-friendly. Durable ensures the website is visually appealing on desktops and fully optimized for mobile view.
  • Backend Optimization: Apart from the visible front end, the AI also sets up the backend of your website. This includes essential SEO settings, site speed optimizations, and security protocols. This way, once your site is live, it's already optimized to be discovered by search engines and offers visitors a fast, secure browsing experience.

Time Taken: 30 seconds

Step #5: Customize Your Site

After the AI has done its job, it's back in your hands. You can review the website, make any adjustments, and add personal touches.

This is an important step that will take a bit of time.

The Durable editor is designed with you, the user, in mind. The Durable editor feels intuitive even if you've never edited a website. The tools are straightforward and labeled clearly.

The editor also comes equipped with an AI Assistant that guides you through the editing process, always ready to assist when you feel lost or unsure.

Let's say you want to add social links to your website. Instead of searching through various tutorials, ask the AI Assistant. It will guide you directly to the right menu to add social links.

Durable editor at work

Why Customize Your Site?

  • Personal Touch: While AI is smart, it doesn’t know the personal stories, experiences, or specific visions you have. Customizing allows you to infuse the website with your unique personality.
  • Brand Consistency: If you already have a brand color scheme, logo, or specific fonts you use in other materials, you'll want to make sure these are consistently applied on your website as well.
  • Functionality: Depending on your goals, you might need specific features or functions that the AI didn't include. For example, you might need the Calendly integration to help your visitors book meetings. This step ensures your site does exactly what you need it to.

Areas to Focus On

First and foremost, the visuals play a pivotal role. The images the AI has chosen might be generic, so you should consider swapping them out with ones that resonate more with your brand or business.

Personal photos, graphics, or any other visual elements that align closely with your vision. For example, on the About Us page, you should use photos of your team.

Two, the content is the heart of your website. While the text copy the AI comes up with is a good starting point, replace this with your own words.

This is your chance to tell your story, describe your products or services, share your mission, or communicate whatever your audience needs to know about you.

Navigation is another crucial area. Your website's menu should be intuitive and guide visitors seamlessly through the site. Make sure the menu items are clear and lead to the relevant sections. You might need to add or remove pages based on your specific requirements.

Then one area that's often overlooked but is incredibly significant is the Calls to Action (CTAs). These buttons or links prompt your visitors to take a specific action, like contacting you, making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or any other desired outcome. The CTAs should be strategically placed and must stand out.

Lastly, while aesthetics are vital, the feel of your site also matters. This is where fonts and colors come into play. Even though the AI makes choices based on current trends and industry types, you know your brand better than anyone.

Test, Test, Test

Once you've made changes, preview your site.

  • How does it look on both desktop and mobile?
  • Are all links working?
  • Is the text easy to read?

Testing ensures that everything works seamlessly for your visitors.

Time Taken: Four minutes

Step #6: Set Up Your Domain

A domain is your website's online address. It's what people type into their browsers to access your site. For example, ""

A domain gives your website a unique identity on the vast internet. No two domains are the same.

Now, when you opt for our plans, we give you a free custom domain. Think of this as your special online address, a unique name visitors will use to find your website online.

To start with your domain name:

  • Log into Durable: After subscribing, access your account and head to the platform.
  • Navigate to Website Settings: Look for "Website," and then click on "Settings." In this section, Durable will show you available custom domain names. These are suggestions based on the business name you provided. If you have a specific name in mind, there's a search feature. Just type in your desired domain to check its availability. If it's free, you can claim it right away.

Accessing your domain name on Durable

If you’ve previously ventured into website building and have a domain name registered elsewhere, Durable lets you easily link your existing domain to your new Durable site.

The process is straightforward, and if you need any assistance, Durable provides guidelines to ensure everything links up smoothly.

Time Taken: One minute

Step #7: Go Live!

"Going live" means your website becomes accessible to anyone online. Up until this point, everything you've done has been behind the scenes, visible only to you.

With Durable, the process is straightforward:

  • Review One Last Time: Before you make anything public, do one final check. Ensure all links work, images load correctly, and the content reads well.
  • Find the 'Publish' Button: In Durable's editor, there will be a marked button labeled "Publish." It’s at the bottom of the editor. It's usually prominent so that you won't miss it. Another way is on the backend, under “Website,” you will see a message saying, “Website is currently private. Only you can see the website.”

Click on “Change this.” Then follow the steps to make your website public.

Publishing your site on Durable

Time Taken: 30 seconds

Step #8: Promote Your Website

After the effort you've put into creating your website and making it live, the next vital step is getting people to visit it.

While there are traditional ways to promote your website, at Durable, we offer some advanced AI-powered tools to give you a hand.

1. Google Ad Writer

This tool uses AI to generate catchy and effective ad copies tailored for Google Ads.

Instead of spending hours brainstorming the perfect ad copy, Durable's AI provides suggestions designed to attract clicks and conversions.

Provide the tool with some basic information about your business or offer, and it will generate ad copy that you can directly use in your Google Ads campaigns.

Durable Google ad writer tool

It can also generate Facebook posts, Twitter ads, and emails for email marketing.

2. AI Assistant for Marketing Strategy

The AI Assistant helps you create a comprehensive marketing strategy tailored to your business's needs.

We know crafting a marketing strategy from scratch is difficult. This tool simplifies the process, offering insights and steps that align with your goals.

Interact with the AI Assistant and ask for a marketing strategy.

Generating a marketing strategy using the AI Assistant

3. CRM for Lead Management

Once your promotions start rolling, you'll hopefully get inquiries, leads, or sales.

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is a tool that helps you organize, track, and manage interactions with potential or existing customers.

The CRM keeps everything organized. You can track leads, set follow-up reminders, and ensure no opportunity slips through the cracks.

With AI capabilities, our CRM allows you to respond to leads swiftly and keep all your business contacts organized and easily accessible.

Durable CRM

Also, our CRM can instantly generate client communications, saving time and ensuring your messaging is on point.

You can also import existing contacts into the CRM using a CSV file.

Integrating AI-powered promotional tools makes the journey from website creation to successful promotion much smoother.

Time Taken: Two minutes

Parting Advice on How to Build a Website Quickly

Building a website often seems difficult and requires knowing about coding and designing. But as we've walked through the steps together, you've seen that it’s straightforward and quick with the right AI website builder.

Here's a recap of the time it took for each step with Durable:

  • Getting started and defining your industry: 30 seconds.
  • Specifying your location: Another quick 30 seconds.
  • Naming your business: 1 minute to generate and input.
  • Letting AI work its magic: 30 seconds.
  • Customizing your site: The longest part takes 4 minutes, but that's because it's where your personal touch comes in.
  • Setting up your domain: A quick 1-minute setup.
  • Going live: Takes only 30 seconds.
  • Promoting your website: About 2 minutes to kickstart your promotional efforts.

When you add it all up, if you want to build a website fast, it takes around 10 minutes to create, customize, and launch a website with Durable.

Key Takeaways

  • Speed and Simplicity: Durable has made a process that used to take weeks and simplified it into a task that takes minutes.
  • AI Assistance: Embrace the AI tools available. They're there to make things easier, faster, and more efficient.
  • Personal Touch Matters: While the process is quick, the customization step is where you can make your website truly yours.
  • Promotion is Essential: After creating your website, actively promote it to attract visitors and potential customers.

Get Started With Durable

Within 10 minutes, we've seen how you can move from an idea to a fully functional website.

And now, it's your turn.

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