April 4, 2024
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Introducing Durable’s Brand Builder

Jessica Worb

When it comes to growing your business, branding is everything. A strong, unique, and recognizable brand sets you apart from the competition. 

The problem? Many small businesses don’t have the time, budget, or resources to help build their brand from scratch.

This is where Durable comes in. 

We’re excited to announce Durable’s Brand Builder: The best AI brand builder for small businesses.

With our Brand Builder, you can build a brand your customers will love. It generates a comprehensive brand kit with everything you need to establish a cohesive and professional brand presence.

Keep reading to learn more about Durable’s AI Brand Builder, how to build a brand kit, and why you need a brand kit for your small business.

What Does Durable’s Brand Builder Offer?

Our Brand Builder crafts an entire brand for your business in seconds. Simply answer a few prompts and watch your dream brand come to life. 

Here’s what’s included in your brand kit:

  • Brand Logo: Your brand kit includes primary and secondary logos, favicons, and light and dark variations. 
  • Brand Colors: A complementary color palette that resonates with your brand’s personality. 
  • Brand Fonts: A font book including header fonts, body fonts, and type scales.
  • Invoice and Email Templates: An invoice and email template you can use with clients.
  • Business Cards: Your brand kit includes a business card mock-up.

How to Use Durable’s Brand Builder

We’ve helped more than two million small businesses and solopreneurs create their online brands with our AI website generator and now we’re taking it one step further with our Brand Builder.

Now, any business can generate a beautiful brand kit and apply it to their website in a few clicks. 

Here’s how it works:

Step #1: Input Your Business Type and Location

First, enter your industry. Type or select “See Suggestions” for a list of business industries and categories. Next, input your business location.

Step #2: Enter Your Business Name 

If you have a business name, add it here. If not, not a problem. Use Durable’s Free Business Name Generator to help brainstorm ideas for you.

Step #3: Select a Mood

Choose a “Mood” that resonates with your business persona. 

Step #4: Select a Logo

Based on the information you provided, we’ll create a logo for your business. Each logo that’s generated is unique to your brand, no logo will be generated twice!

Select your favorite logo and press “Generate brand”.

Step #5: Explore Your Brand Kit

Here is where you’ll see your brand come to life.

The brand kit includes:

  • Logo variations
  • Font variations
  • Color palette
  • Social and print assets
  • Email assets
  • Business card

If you’re not 100% content with your brand, you can regenerate and customize your fonts, logo, colors, and entire brand kit. 

When you're ready to use your new brand, subscribe to Durable to get full access to your brand kit, customize your branding, and download your logo and other branding assets.

Step #6: Generate a Website and Marketing Materials

It’s time to use that beautiful new branding. Go ahead and generate a website using your new logo, colors, and fonts with Durable’s AI Website Generator.

No importing or exporting is needed. Just press “Generate Website” and let us do the hard work for you.

Then, use your branding to create additional marketing materials like emails, invoices, business cards, social posts, and more. 

Why You Need a Brand Kit for Your Small Business

Think of popular brands like Nike, Patagonia, Airbnb, and Netflix — what do they all have in common?

Strong, consistent, and recognizable branding. And it’s because they don’t stray from their brand kit. Having a solid brand, or visual identity, is vital for small businesses. 

A strong brand helps:

  • Maintain brand consistency 
  • Follow one source of design truth
  • Create a recognizable brand
  • Increase brand loyalty and trust

Here are a few words from Durable founder and CEO James Clift on branding and why it matters for business owners:

“Having a strong brand adds a level of professionalism that helps people trust you, especially as a new business. Your first impression is your visual brand, your logo, and how you present yourself.

If you show up looking professional, have a logo, a website, and consistent branding, you could see a 30-50% lift in pricing power.”

Creating a brand kit for your small business doesn’t need to be expensive or time-consuming. It can take seconds with Durable’s Brand Builder. 

Create your very own brand kit with Durable’s Brand Builder. Try it now!

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Jessica Worb

Jessica Worb is Durable’s Digital Marketing Manager. She’s based in Toronto, ON. You can find her sipping on an iced coffee, listening to a podcast, or catching up on the latest pop culture news. Connect with her on Instagram or LinkedIn.

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