February 22, 2023
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Durable + Real Estate: A Quick Guide


One of the biggest barriers to getting your real estate website up and running is the time it takes to find, hire, and consult with a web designer. 

When you use Durable, you skip that step, and still impress potential clients with a contemporary, professionally designed website that looks great on mobile.

But don’t just take our word for it—try out Durable’s AI website builder for real estate agents for free. While you do, here are some real estate specific features worth trying out.

What makes Durable a great website builder for real estate agents?

Durable’s AI website builder uses artificial intelligence to plan, design, and lay out a website for your real estate business in seconds. If you struggle with writer’s block, it will even create content for each section of your site.

Something need changing? Your new website is 100% customizable. Or, if you want to start fresh, just tell the AI website builder—it’ll create a brand new design from scratch.

Besides our AI website builder, Durable offers a these powerful features for real estate agents:

  • Built-in CRM. Durable’s client relationship management (CRM) platform integrates with your site, making it easy to capture, track, and manage leads.
  • Google Ad writing. Advertising your business on Google? Our built-in ad writer generates Google Ads you can run ASAP to attract new business.

What to include on your Durable real estate homepage

Here are some of the sections Durable can create for you on your homepage. Each is designed with real estate agents in mind. Take some time to experiment with Durable’s AI website builder and see what works for you.

The hero image

Who wouldn't want to live here?

Credit: Salas Properties

Your hero image is the first thing new visitors to your real estate website see. It’s your chance to set the mood and hint at what you have to offer.

In the Durable website editor, you can select from a variety of high quality stock photos selected by AI, or upload your own image. Write your own greeting and introduction, or have AI generate something for you. Anything the AI creates is fully editable.

The hero image is also a good place to feature a call to action (CTA), typically a button or link leading to another part of your site. Some real estate agents have their CTA point to the Contact or About Me pages; others may link to their listings on IDX.

The Services section

Your services section should link to a dedicated services page (or individual pages for each service)

Caption: Salas Properties

Unlike a hero image—which virtually every modern real estate website features—a Services section is optional. However, it’s a great way to filter out prospects who aren’t a good fit, while encouraging good potential leads to keep scrolling.

Your Services section doesn’t need to be incredibly long or in-depth—a few images with descriptions of the services you offer will do. Eventually, you may want to create a separate Services page, and link the items in your homepage’s Services section to it.

In the Durable website editor, select Add Section > List. The editor will generate three images with accompanying text, which you can then edit.

Multiple testimonials

Testimonials are the single best way to build trust. The more you have, the better!

Credit: NB Homes

Real estate is a personal business. Testimonials are a great way to establish trust with leads and advertise some of your finer qualities. 

The easiest way to get testimonials is to reach out to past clients. If you haven’t already, consider making it part of your regular routine to follow up with clients and get testimonials from them. A quick email or 15 minutes on the phone can net you a powerful piece of marketing.

The Durable website editor provides a specific feature for testimonials. Select Add section > Quote/testimonial. The editor will generate text which you can then edit.

Multiple testimonials appear in a carousel, each testimonial cycling through every few seconds. 

Embedded video

Credit: Divine Homes & Properties

Increasingly, prospects expect video content from real estate agents. Whether it’s a tour of a particular property, or a short introduction for yourself, high quality video content goes a long way towards converting prospects to leads.

The Durable website editor makes it easy to add videos to your page. Select Add section > Video. Then add the link to the YouTube or Vimeo video you’d like to embed.

Embedded IDX

Credit: NB Homes

No real estate website is complete without a link to property listings. While you have the option to link out to an external IDX page, Durable also allows you to embed IDX in your personal real estate website.

In order to do so, you’ll need your own IDX account, which should provide an embed code for websites. The embed code is written in HTML, the markup language used to build websites.

An example embed code, taken from IDXBroker, looks like this: 

<iframe src="http://support.greatpropertyforsale.com/idx/search/homes" width="600" height="600"></iframe>

To add IDX to your page, go to Add section > Embed. Then edit the section with the code you’ll be using.

Your Calendly 

Credit: Selling Dubai

For many agents, Calendly has become indispensable. This on-the-fly scheduling app lets prospects and leads pick a time in your calendar based on limits you set. It can save a huge amount of back-and-forth trying to find a time that works for both you and the caller. 

Best of all, it automatically syncs with your Google calendar, so there’s no danger of double booking.

If you’d like to offer a free 15 or 30 minute consultation through your website, Calendly is a great way to do it. Embedding Calendly is easy to do with the Durable website editor. Just go to Add section > Calendly. Then, edit the new section to add your account info.

If you don’t already have Calendly, you can create an account for free.

Value-add content for your Durable real estate website

Beyond your homepage, Durable will help you create a variety of pages for your website that add value for clients, potential buyers, or anyone who wants to know more about what your real estate business has to offer.

Your Services page

The main page of your website should be uncluttered and easy to skim, providing the most important information as clearly and concisely as possible. Meaning, if you include a Services section on your main page, the most information you’ll be able to provide is a few words about what you have to offer.

Linking to a separate, dedicated Services page lets you get more in-depth, giving a more detailed overview of your specializations. Adding a new page to your site is as simple as going to the top right corner of the editor, clicking on the pages menu, and selecting Create.

Once you’ve created your Services page, you can begin adding sections.

Your About page

Credit: Salas Properties

Since real estate is such a personal business, the first thing many new prospects want to know about is the agent themself. 

An About page is the quickest antidote to anonymity; it’s a chance to tell your story and talk about what makes you unique as a real estate agent. Once you create an About page in Durable’s AI website builder, consider linking to it directly from the hero image on your main page.

Your Testimonials & Case Studies Page

Sample page for fictional pro surfer and real estate agent Gnarly Todd.

If you make it a habit to follow up with clients and collect testimonials from them, you may soon find you have more testimonials than a carousel on your main page will fit. That’s when it’s time to create a separate Testimonials page entirely.

A separate Testimonials page can also be a great place to share case studies—links to large-scale projects you’ve been a part of, or narratives about particular clients you’ve helped. It’s a powerful piece of social proof that sets you apart from the pack.

Your Contact page

While many potential clients are happy to call you directly, some may prefer to reach out by email. A Contact page can be a useful tool for making sure that introductory email is useful, and includes all the information you need to help your new client.

The form on your Contact page can be as minimal or as detailed as you like. A more detailed form helps you gather more info about leads and confirm they’re the right fit for your services. 

Go to Add section > Contact form. Once the section is added, you can edit it to add more input fields, such as “Address” or “Phone Number”:

Individual pages for properties

If you’re a selling agent, you may find some of the more unique or luxurious properties in your portfolio demand their own pages on your website. With Durable’s AI website builder, it’s easy to build those pages, and add all the extra information and photos you need.

In the event you decide to create a separate page for a particular property, here are some sections you may want to include (you can add any of these within the editor):

  • Embedded map featuring the property’s location
  • Gallery of extra shots not including in the MLS listing
  • Embedded video featuring a walk-through tour
  • Contact form for enquiries about this specific property

Dedicated websites for high value properties

For especially high value properties or developments, you may want to create a separate, dedicated website with its own distinct brand and design.

You’re free to create a separate Durable account for the specific property you’d like to feature. Or contact the Durable team directly from within your account—we may be able to help you with a custom solution.

Still getting the hang of Durable? Learn more about AI website builders.

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