April 14, 2023
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Your Durable CRM is Now AI-Powered


The faster you respond to client communications, the more likely you are to book new (or recurring!) work. But you know how it is — the small business life is a busy one, and it can be tough to respond to every single request in a timely manner.

That’s why your Durable CRM is now AI-powered. 

Quick refresher: your CRM lets you either import existing contacts, and automatically creates new ones for anyone who fills out your contact form. In just a couple clicks, you can sync your email directly with your CRM — so you can compose and send emails from right in the Durable app. 

To make client communication 20x faster, you can now use AI to compose any email to clients from right in the Durable app. The best part? We’ve trained your AI CRM to recognize details from past communications with clients. That means every AI generated message is unique, in context, and specific to that customer. 

To use it, simply head select any contact from your CRM. Hit Compose Message, and then use the Regenerate button for either the Subject or Message sections (or both!). You can always manually enter a message, or edit an AI generated one. 

The more you use your AI CRM with a specific client, the smarter it gets. So whether you’re sending that first welcome message or responding to a question about an upcoming appointment, let AI take the messaging reins (and admin time off your plate). 

So, that’s great news for retaining existing customers. But what about securing more new customers? 

Right now, your website’s automatically generated contact form lets customers get in touch with you. They’ll get automatically added to your CRM. But responding to every new customer required manually messaging each one. That’s a lot of time spent typing the same message (or close to it) over and over. 

That’s why you can now program your contact form to send automated replies. Simply go to CRM > Settings, hit the Auto Reply slider, enter (or generate!) a message, and you’re good to go! 

Ready to give your freshly launched AI CRM a go? Head to your CRM and start messaging clients in seconds

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