WhatFontIs.com is an AI-powered font identification tool that helps users find any font from an image, offering a database of over 850,000 fonts

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WhatFontIs.com Product Overview

WhatFontIs.com is an innovative AI-powered tool designed for identifying fonts from any image. With a vast database exceeding 850,000 fonts, it caters to both professional designers and typography enthusiasts. This platform streamlines the process of finding and matching fonts, offering solutions for those looking to replicate or discover new typefaces. Its user-friendly interface, coupled with advanced features like custom text preview and Google Fonts search, makes it a go-to resource for font identification and exploration.

WhatFontIs.com Product Pricing

WhatFontIs.com offers two main pricing tiers to suit different user needs. The PRO Membership is available at a discounted rate of $74.90 for three years, down from the standard price of $149.97. Alternatively, users can opt for a yearly subscription at $49.99. For those unsure about committing, there is a 7-day free trial available, allowing users to explore the full range of PRO features without any initial cost.

WhatFontIs.com Product Features

  • Unlimited Access: Explore a vast selection of fonts.
  • Custom Text Preview: Test fonts with your own text.
  • Google Fonts Search: Find free alternatives easily.
  • Ad-Free Experience: Browse without interruptions.
  • Advanced Filtering: Search fonts by price and foundry.
  • Auto Character Recognition: Simplify font identification.
  • Rich Results: View a curated list of 100 fonts per search.

Who Is WhatFontIs.com For?

WhatFontIs.com is ideal for graphic designers, content creators, and typography enthusiasts who need to identify fonts used in various media. It's particularly useful for professionals working on branding, marketing materials, and web design, as well as for hobbyists engaged in personal projects. The tool's simplicity and efficiency make it an excellent resource for anyone looking to quickly find and utilize specific fonts.

WhatFontIs.com Product FAQ

How does WhatFontIs.com work?

Simply upload an image of the text, and the platform uses AI to identify and suggest matching fonts.

Is WhatFontIs.com free to use?

There is a free version with basic functionalities, while the PRO version offers expanded features.

Can WhatFontIs.com identify all types of fonts?

Yes, it can identify a wide range of fonts, including cursive and intricate designs.

What makes WhatFontIs.com unique?

It offers one of the largest font databases and integrates seamlessly across various foundries.

How accurate is WhatFontIs.com?

It boasts a high accuracy rate, efficiently identifying fonts from provided images.

What are the benefits of the PRO membership?

PRO members receive unlimited access, no ads, advanced features, and more detailed results.

Can I cancel my PRO membership?

Yes, you can cancel within the first 7 days of the trial period without any charge.

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