Deepfakes Web

Deepfakes Web is a cloud-based tool for creating deepfake videos responsibly with AI technology.

Table of Content

Deepfakes Web Overview

Deepfakes Web is a cloud-based online software that enables users to create deepfake videos by swapping faces using artificial intelligence. This tool provides privacy by ensuring only users have access to their data and does not share information with third parties. Deepfakes Web emphasizes responsible use of technology, featuring visible watermarks and imperfections on videos to indicate they are deepfakes, promoting ethical use in entertainment, satire, and cultural projects.

Deepfakes Web Pricing

Deepfakes Web offers two pricing tiers: Basic and Premium. The Basic plan is free, with cloud usage billed at $4 per hour, which approximately translates to $15 per deepfake video creation. This plan has limitations like 5 hours creation time and 50MB for videos and images. The Premium plan costs $19 per month, includes advanced features, reduces creation time to 1 hour, and expands video and image limits to 100MB and 300 seconds, respectively. Cloud usage under the Premium plan is still $4 per hour.

Deepfakes Web Features

  • Cloud-based deepfake creation
  • Private and secure user data
  • Ability to reuse trained models
  • Visible watermarks and traces in videos
  • Accessible pricing structure

Who Is Deepfakes Web For?

Deepfakes Web is designed for content creators, entertainers, and digital artists who wish to explore the potential of deepfake technology responsibly. It serves educators and researchers interested in AI and media manipulation. The tool is also suitable for individuals looking to create deepfake content for personal projects, satire, or cultural commentary, while adhering to ethical guidelines.

Deepfakes Web FAQ

What is Deepfakes Web?

An online platform for creating deepfake videos using AI technology.

Is my data private on Deepfakes Web?

Yes, your data remains private and is not shared with third parties.

Can I reuse my trained models on Deepfakes Web?

Yes, you can reuse your trained models for improving or creating new videos.

How does Deepfakes Web ensure responsible use?

It uses visible watermarks and leaves clear traces to indicate videos are deepfakes.

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