How to choose a personal training business name

You’ve got a reputation for getting your clients absolutely jacked…okay maybe you’re a specialist at helping your clients stand up without grunting. Either way, your personal training expertise is a valuable service. But in order to find clients and grow your business, you need a catchy PT business name for your brand so that potential customers can find and book your services.

Not quite ready to name your business yet? No problem. Head over to how to start a personal training business to get help with the foundational elements of your new enterprise. After that, take a look at the AI website builder so you can get an idea of what is possible for your brand and business. Then it’s time to get down to naming.

Our AI business name generator is ready and willing to serve up hundreds (thousands?) of personal training name ideas for your consideration. Here’s what to look for when making your shortlist.

Personal training names should be…

Every personal training business name idea that you consider should represent these three characteristics.

1. Professional

There are plenty of training "professionals" giving out unsolicited advice at the gym. You want to make sure that brand stays as far away from those types as possible. So choose a personal trainer business name that communicates your commitment to your clients, to your business, and to operating a reliable service that’s worth paying for.

Do: Prime Personal Performance

Don’t: Feel My Bicep LLC

2. Distinctive

Personal training businesses tend to have names that don’t exactly scream creativity. It’s easy to just take your own name and put the word “training” after it, but are your potential clients really going to get psyched up for bench presses when they see something that mundane? Are they even going to remember it when they finally have a chance to google you? Probably not, so make your name distinctive and memorable.

Do: Alloy Training

Don’t: John Smith Training

3. Trustworthy

As a personal training professional, it’s your responsibility to keep your clients safe and healthy while under your care. They need to feel that they can trust you in all situations, whether you’re helping them squat a barbell or planning their meals for the week. Any personal trainer business name ideas that you consider should represent your commitment to healthy and dependable advice.

Do: SmartGains Personal Training

Don’t: At Any Cost Personal Training

What are some good personal training business names?

Just a few minutes with Durable’s AI business name generator delivers dozens of great personal training names for your business, including these three favorites.

  • Picture Perfect Performance. If your target market is people who want to look great (especially for the Gram), add something like this to your shortlist of names for a personal training business.
  • Athletic Edge Training. Competitors are always looking for an edge over their opponents. Let them know that you’re the key to winning with personal training company names like this.
  • Renewed Strength Training. If you specialize in injury recovery and return to sport plans, personal trainer names for your business can communicate your expertise.

More excellent personal training business names:

  1. Flex-Force Training
  2. Nourish Performance Training
  3. Vitality Nutrition Academy
  4. PowerCore Training
  5. WeightWise Training
  6. Barbell Brigade Personal Training
  7. Dumbbell Divas Personal Training
  8. Iron Will Personal Training
  9. Barbell Bootcamp
  10. Strength Station

Remember that every business name needs to be…

Memorable, simple, relevant, legal, and durable, just like we said on the main AI name generator page. That means your personal training business name should be catchy at a glance or mention, easy to say and read, specific to the training industry, available to register in your state, and enduring enough to stick with your business as you scale and find success. When you’re ready to start building your personal training business, Durable can help you do it.