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December 22, 2022
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18 of Our Favourite AI Generated Websites by Real Businesses

The Durable community is growing…fast! Right now, we're sitting at over 75,000 AI generated websites. Whew! 

With so many new solo businesses popping up by the hour, we haven't had a chance to shout out some of our favourites to date. So, here's a (growing!) list of incredible, beautiful, and effective Durable business websites that show what's possible with the world's fastest AI website builder. Enjoy! 

Brand new

Here are two businesses that went the extra mile to ensure their branding is on point.

The College of Health and Allied Development in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, has a custom logo that prominently features purple, so they decided to use the same color strategically throughout their site to reinforce their overall brand. Add in some custom write-ups to go with the AI-generated layout and this site is looking healthy.

The event producers at Miniteux Productions in San Francisco, California, start their site out with a branded bang with one of the coolest custom logos we’ve seen. Then they jam-packed their site with info, including beefed-up copy in the services section, and capped it all off with a custom URL (hellomntx.com). Nice!

Awesome logo. Awesome business.

3-2-1 contact!

Not every business uses the same kinds of contact info on their sites, which is why links to your contact information are fully customizable with Durable. These four businesses took four different approaches to helping their customers get in touch.

Alberta Mortgage Professionals made full use of the contact information options available in Durable, offering links to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, an email contact form, and a phone number button on their organized and highly professional website. Super thorough 👌

Human resource consultants Fletcher Chase in Dublin, Ireland, opted to pare back their contact options, instead pushing potential clients toward LinkedIn, where they can get straight to the business of recruiting. Sometimes, less is way, way more.

In addition to contact options like email, phone, mail, and listings on services like Thumbtack and Styleseat, Anointed Hands Styling added both online chat help and automated online booking options that help to transform web visitors into excellently coiffed clients. Curious how to add chat on your website? Just ask us! 

Integrated chat is one of the most powerful conversion tools you can include on your website.

Artificial intelligence artist Future Art By Boson decided to upgrade his most prominent contact link. In the header, instead of a button that just says EMAIL he switched it up to “Register to participate” which sounds a lot more exciting. Plus, we think AI is awesome, obviously.

The media is the message

It’s not 1991, a website doesn’t have to be text-only. Check out what these four solopreneurs did with images, video, and more.

Love From The South catering in Sacramento, California, devotes care and attention to their home-style southern BBQ, homemade sauces, and the photos on their website. The images of food are simply mouthwatering and go a long way toward turning potential customers into satisfied clients.

Sometimes only an emoji will do: 🤤

The software developers at Leftbin Labs in Hyderabad, India, went in a different direction, showcasing cute and welcoming illustrations that help to make the tech-talk on their site a little less intimidating. They rounded out the page with a custom URL (leftbin.com) and a real-deal testimonial from a CEO. So professional!

Illustrations are a powerful way to relay your brand character and tone.

When you think about the internet, you probably think about technology or the future. But what about vintage? 3rd Rail Amps in New Britain, Connecticut, builds and restores beautiful, vintage guitar amplifiers and everything on their site reflects that style, especially the imagery, which helps to build that old-timey atmosphere. 

Tech recruiter Luca del Mese in Amsterdam, Netherlands, embellishes his website with sprezzatura: emojis punctuate text, embedded video offers a multimedia experience, and photos of Luca build a foundation for a lasting and trusting business relationship.

Coffee is for closers

The purpose of a service business website is to, you guessed it, sell services! These two business owners harnessed the power of Durable’s artificial intelligence and created sites that prioritize sales.

Green Smart Home sustainable project management in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, wants to show you the money. They placed information about high-value incentives near the top of the page, right next to their contact form, so that visitors are compelled to get in touch FAST. Plus, check out that sweet custom URL (greensmarthome.ca).

PPC Ads Help pay-per-click advertising consulting does a similar move: contact form near the top, custom URL (ppcsadshelp.com), professional styling. But they double down, adding boldly colored image blocks that sell individual services in a prioritized location on their page.

We're loving the custom graphics, logo, and brevity!

That can be arranged

Sometimes the way things are laid out on a webpage can say a lot about a business. Here are two great examples.

Yogi Mama in Saint Austell, United Kingdom, provides yoga classes for people at all levels. Yoga helps you to feel relaxed, at peace, and centered…just like the layout of their website. Not every page works with a centered layout, but this one sure does. They complete their branded look with a relaxing color palette and custom URL (yogimama.co.uk).

From the very start, Yogi Mama's site relays the serenity their business provides 🧘

WorkOut Spaces transforms unused outdoor areas into coworking spaces. It’s a simple concept so their website layout is equally simple, making for an inviting and uncomplicated user experience. It’s proof that you don’t need to write an encyclopedia when a few concise words will do the job. And how did they get a .org custom URL (workoutspaces.org)? Jealous.

Off the beaten path

Not everyone is using their Durable website in the same way. These two business owners have come up with completely original uses for their sites and we are here for it.

What if your Durable website wasn’t just selling your product—what if it was your product? That’s what Pacific Beach Gazette did, creating an entire local news publication using the Durable platform, featuring reporting, jobs, deals, entertainment listings, and more from their custom URL (pbbeach.com).

If you sell goods through a marketplace like Etsy, you know that they place a lot of limitations on how your store looks. This genius at The Red Piece used Durable to build a custom front page (with custom URL: theredpiece.com) for their Etsy store, which looks so much more inviting.

A revue of reviews

Testimonials are critical to the success of every small service business and these crafty entrepreneurs know how to make customer reviews work overtime.

If you’re looking to get absolutely jacked in Alexandria, Virginia, look no further than the personal training services of B3NTL3Y FIT SOLUTIONS. This site pairs aggressive, muscular styling with absolutely incredible use of the testimonial section, which includes video, before and after photos, and personal stories from real people. 

Seton executive recruiting is the closest thing we’ve seen to a résumé in website form. In addition to lots of helpful information and a custom URL (setonsearch.com), they’ve added all kinds of great social proof beyond testimonials, including titles of executives they’ve recently gotten hired, and logos of major corporations they've worked with.

Do you know about a Durable business website that you think should be featured here? Want us to feature you? Send us an email (support@durable.co), send us a Facebook message, or tweet us

Oh, and if you're ready to create your own business website it takes just 30 seconds (and it's free to use for 30 days). Start right here.

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